Tuscarora Shocks the World as They Win Against Stone Bridge 28-27

Patrick Devine and Khalil White

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Throughout this season Stone Bridge High School was one of the best football teams in the state, it seemed that no team could even give them a fight, except Tuscarora. In the regular season Tuscarora had an 8-2 record and lost to Stone Bridge at home 14-13. Except this time, Tuscarora comes back and finally outlasts Stone Bridge in the playoffs.

In the first quarter, Stone Bridge fans were heated up for a great game and that was what they got. Early in the first quarter, the ball was going back and forth between the two teams until Stone bridge put on a drive early in the 2nd quarter as #12 Mason Tatum passing to #9 Daniel Thompson for 6. After that Touchdown, the crowd was roaring! But that noise didn’t last that long as Tuscarora Quarterback #5 Justin Allen passed to Wide Receiver #1 Kyle Jenkins for a Touchdown late in the 2nd quarter. After the Tuscarora touchdown, Stone bridge put on another great drive by getting to the Tuscarora 36 yard line but #1 Kyle Jenkins intercepts a pass from Mason Tatum with 4 minutes to go in the half. And thanks to that interception Tuscarora put on a very fast drive and drove all the way down field for a 21 yard pass touchdown with two minutes left. But shockingly on the kickoff Tuscarora recovers and is set up at the Stone Bridge 41 yard line with one minute left. At the end of the half Tuscarora capped off an amazing 2 minutes by Justin Allen passing to Kyle Jenkins for another touchdown. After that touchdown by Tuscarora, the Bulldogs fans were losing hope! The coaches recalled the film they watched for this game and now it seems it was all for nothing.

Bulldogs Kicker Hayden Baron gearing up for one of his 3 missed field goals he had that afternoon.

Patrick Devine
Tuscarora QB Justin Allen getting ready for a play that was key for Tuscarora’s 28-27 win over #1 seeded Stone Bridge. 

 “All the film I make, I automatically send it to the coaches and the players so they can use it for improving the player’s skill” said game film producer David Madgwick. “I do the endzone camera and I take the pictures of all the plays on the field” said David Madgwick.

At the start of the 2nd and most exciting half Stone Bridge had the ball at the Tuscarora 30 yard line but Stone Bridge fumbles and Tuscarora recovers the fumble. After that play Stone Bridge’s loud cheering turned into silence. But that silence was not long at all as Mason Tatum passed to Daniel Thompson for a 13 yd touchdown midway through the 3rd quarter. After that touchdown the Bulldogs thought that they could get a Thanksgiving Miracle and maybe move on to the Final Four of the State Championship. 

“For Thanksgiving we usually do the drills we normally do, but after we go into the locker room and have pumpkin pie and other stuff like that” said the former player.

Stone Bridge warming up for a great game vs their Division Rival Tuscarora Huskies.

At the start of the 4th and final quarter Stone Bridge Head Coach Mickey Thompson gave Stone Bridge a pep talk and it seemed to work. Because early in the quarter Dominic Mell rushes in for a 3 yd touchdown, but Tuscarora had other plans as Stone Bridge misses an Extra Point and leaves the score even at 21. On the onside kick, Stone Bridge recovers at the 50yd line with 10 minutes to go. The Stone Bridge side was roaring but the Tuscarora side was silent. And to cap off an amazing 4th quarter Mason Tatum throws a deep ball on 4th down to Daniel Thompson for his 3rd touchdown catch of the game! But for the second time today Stone Bridge misses another extra point as they have a 6 point lead with 9 minutes to go in the game. After that go ahead touchdown drive, Tuscarora still has some fire in them as Justin Allen hands the ball of to Leron West for an 8 yd touchdown run. After an amazing kickoff return by Ajani Gillis to the Tuscarora 35 yd line, later in the drive on 4th down and 18 Stone Bridge is heartbroken as Kicker Hayden Baron misses a 35yd field goal as Stone Bridge fans grow grow in grief as Tuscarora players are running onto the field to celebrate their first Regional Championship in school history! Final Score, Tuscarora-28 Stone Bridge-27.

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Tuscarora Shocks the World as They Win Against Stone Bridge 28-27