Top 3 Most Disappointing Teams in the NBA Through Week 9

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In the past 2 weeks of the NBA season there have been lots of disappointing teams. These include the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Washington Wizards, or the Memphis Grizzlies. Of these three teams, which one can bounce back and surprisingly make it to the playoffs? But who will it be? Will it be the OKC Thunder with their big 3, the young Lakers with their solid core of PG Lonzo Ball and SG Jordan Clarkson or will it be the Grizzlies with all-star PG Mike Conley and C Marc Gasol?

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Rookie Kyle Kuzma talking with new Head Coach Luke Walton. But with this young core of Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma can they make it to the playoffs?

Going down to number 3, we have the Los Angeles Lakers, most experts predicted the Lakers to finally sneak in to the playoffs as an 8 seed. But no, the Lakers have been up and down this season because of #2 pick Lonzo Ball. Ball has not been his best this season thanks to his disappointing 8.9 PPG and 25.8 percent from three. While his teammate SG Jordan Clarkson is doing surprisingly better than expected because of his 15 PPG coming off the bench, but can this team find their way to the playoffs or will they disappoint and have a losing record for the 3rd straight season.
PG Mike Conley and C Marc Gasol struggling to keep their season alive with their lowly 8-20 record. But can they climb back and make it to the playoffs?

Next at number 2 we have the Memphis Grizzlies, earlier in the season the Grizzlies were 5-1 and on their way to the playoffs after that thing started getting ugly. Since that great start Memphis has been 1-14 in their last 15 games, also this season the Grizzlies have blown big leads in 10/18 games this season that is over 50% of their losses! The Grizzlies have tried over and over again to fix their losing ways, for example by changing gameplans, switching roster spots, and even trying to trade key players! But can they change their losing ways and make it to the playoffs for the 3rd straight season or will their season go down in flames?

Paul George and Russell Westbrook disappointing everybody standing with a 13-14 record. But can they turn their season around and shock everybody?

Finally at #1 we have the Oklahoma City Thunder, so far Oklahoma has been not too exciting because of their blown leads and key players struggling. One of those key players are all-star SF Paul George. George hasn’t been at his best this season, his 20.3 PPG is ok but he’s not what he used to be. Also his 5.6 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game are a low for Paul George. But can Paul George and the Thunder turn around their season and find their way into the playoffs?

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Top 3 Most Disappointing Teams in the NBA Through Week 9