Let’s go Alonso!: Exit plan

Molly Alonso

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Many people want to spend their weekend hanging out with their friends, and doing something instead of finishing up their science homework. One idea that people don’t think of automatically is going to an escape room, but it actually is a very interesting idea. It’s a good way to get your brain thinking while also having fun with your friends. One of my friends went to a place called exit plan for her birthday party and I had a great time.
They have a couple different escape rooms at exit plan. They have scary rooms, funny rooms, and more kid friendly rooms. We went to a school themed escape room because not all of us were in the mood to get scared. The goal of this specific escape room was to escape the detention room within 45 minutes. They had an employee in the room with us because we were allowed to ask for 3 hints whenever we were stuck on a clue.
When you are doing the escape room, your parents are able to watch you through a window above the room. It’s fun to look up and see them smiling and watching you. I thought that the employees that were working were really nice, funny and really helpful. I thought that overall, Exit Plan wasn’t very expensive considering you got a lot out of the experience.
Overall, I thought that Exit Plan was really fun. It’s a great team building activity and it’s great for days where you want to hang out with your friends or family. I had so much fun, and I recommend it to people of all ages!

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Let’s go Alonso!: Exit plan