Super Bowl Week

Khalil White

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Pictured above is the trophy for the best team. Last year, the best team were the New England Patriots

The super bowl was made in 1967. It was made by AFL(Australian Football League) founder and Kansas city chiefs owner, Lamar Hunt. Hunt got the idea from kids playing with a toy called the super ball. Bowl is from the college bowl. The super bow was created. It can bring people together to hope that their team will make it to the super bowl but only one team can take the Lombardi trophy.

The trophy was named after Vince Lombardi, who was one of the executives in the NFL. After Vince died he was put in the Hall of Fame. After that, they named the super bowl trophy after him.

If I had to describe the super bowl with one word I would say hope because if your favorite made it to the super bowl and there was not having the best season and made it you just put your mind to it anything is possible. Only a few teams have more the 5 Super Bowl trophies the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco’s 49ers. The first team ever to get the trophy was the Green Bay packers.

Khalil White, Photographer, Sports Writer

Khalil White is a 7th grader and a photojournalist for Trailside Times.  His favorite hobby is football. What makes him unique is that he can sleep through...

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Super Bowl Week