Templeton’s Terror: Split

Sara Templeton, Student Life Writer

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In this month of cold and all the new year’s resolutions, I am doing the movie Split. This movie was by far one of my favorite movies to review. The writers, the plot, and characters were amazing to think about throughout watching the movie.

Split is a film about a man that has Dissociative Identity Disorder and has about 23 different personalities.  The man kidnaps 3 teenagers and keeps them in an underground zoo. The writers, the plot, and characters were amazing to think about throughout watching the movie.

Of course first of all like every other time let’s talk about the money. In 2015 the average budget blew up to 170 million dollars. This movie cost up to 9 million dollars, which is like nothing to 170 million. The movie looked like it would be about 20 million dollars because of the set. The movie was well made if it only took about half of the average to make.

Next I would like to talk about one of the most important thing in movies to me, suspense. The movie has very much suspense. Like around the end were one of the main characters (Kevin) turns into a “beast.” The girl doesn’t know if she survives. She tries to shoot and runs out of bullets. What happens next? The suspense is amazing. You are always wondering what is going to happen next.

Next is the characters (as usual.)The characters are very interesting. I do not like the 2 other girls that were kidnapped (Marcia and Claire) they didn’t seem very scared or nervous. They were supposed to be the popular girls click but they didn’t seem like it. I hated that part but the actors of Kevin Crumb and Casey Cook were fantastic. Casey’s character was more of a outsider loner girl, which was played very well. The man had a very hard role in this movie because he had to play about 23 other characters.

Dissociation Identity Disorder (also called DID) is a disorder that has fewer than 200,000 cases per year. DID is a disorder where you can have 2 or more personalities. The disorder can be a result of trauma and a way to cope or not remember memories. Main Character Kevin Wendell Crumb.

Thank you for reading my blog post on the movie Split. Hopefully you go see it because it is a great movie. It seems as if this was one was for some reason very special and interesting, so you should go see it.

Sara Templeton, Student Life Writer

Sara Templeton is an 8th grader at Trailside Middle. She is a Student Life Writer for Trailside Times. She is a very passionate athlete who competes in...

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Templeton’s Terror: Split