Winners and Losers of the 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

Patrick Devine, Sports Blogger

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It’s finally here! The 2018 NBA Trade Deadline has concluded, and boy was it a wild ride! Multiple teams are trying to rebuild their rosters and this is the perfect time to do so! These teams include the Cavaliers, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Detroit Pistons, and the Sacramento Kings. Are these teams set for success or will they go down in flames?

Winner: Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs made big roster changes this winter as they traded 2 of their starting 5 which include trading PG’s Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose, and SG Dwayne Wade. And also added defensive assets which include PG George Hill, SG Rodney Hood, and SG Jordan Clarkson. These 3 players will help the Cavs with defense as they are 28th in the league in defense. One of the reasons they traded most of their starting lineup is Isaiah Thomas has only played 14 games and has not produced into the player he was in Boston. The Cavaliers are set for future success, or are they?

During the trade deadline the Cavaliers traded for PG George Hill, Rodney Hood, and Jordan Clarkson. Will this risky move pay off for Cleveland though?

Winner: Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are winners in this situation because over the next two years the Lakers owed Jordan Clarkson over $26 million dollars, but the Cavs stepped in and got it all worked out for the Lakers-they got a first round pick and the expiring contracts of Channing Frye and Isaiah Thomas. This summer the Lakers now have cap room to bring Paul George and LeBron James. Next season the Lakers might actually be a playoff caliber team!

PG Isaiah Thomas joins the Los Angeles Lakers to pair up with rookie PG Lonzo Ball. He is looking to make a impression to Los Angeles this season.

Loser: Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings are heavy losers of the trade because of their decision of giving up their best player that they added last summer. All the hope is going into the Kings to see what rookie De’Aaron Fox who has not proven his worth from being last year’s 5th draft pick. Fox so far is averaging 11.3 points, 4.2 assists, and 2.6 rebounds per game. Far less than his stats at Kentucky which are 16.7 points and 4.6 assists per game. Another star in Sacramento includes 2013 all-star PF Zach Randolph, Randolph is averaging 14.5 points and 7.0 rebounds per game. The kings currently have a record of 17-38 and are last in the eastern conference. A chance in the playoffs are very slim at this point and are probably looking towards this year’s draft.

Winner: Detroit Pistons

This year the Detroit Pistons made big moves by trading Tobias Harris, and Avery Bradley for 5 time all-star PF Blake Griffin. This trade was a desperate move for the Pistons as they are trying to make one last playoff push before their championship window closes. So far in the motor city Blake Griffin has been averaging 22.4 PPG, 9.3 RPG, and 4.3 assists per game. Right now the Pistons are outside the playoff picture standing at 9th in the eastern conference with a 27-29 record.

The Detriot Pistons trading for Blake Griffin who is doing well averaging 21.4 PPG, and 7.4 RPG. But can he take the Pistons to the playoffs?

Loser: Milwaukee Bucks

Even though the Bucks traded for former Phoenix Suns PG Eric Bledsoe they still lose in this situation because the team fired Head Coach Jason Kidd. With Jabari Parker returning from injury, this year was maybe the final chance to make a run for a ring. But the Bucks(being as they usually are) they decided not to go for DeAndre Jordan even though Milwaukee needs help with their back court. Instead the Bucks decided to trade for former nets veteran center Tyler Zeller for a pick and Rashad Vaughn. Zeller might be a big player but he is not what they needed to take the next step in playoff contention. With all the young talent the Bucks have on their roster, the team could’ve done better than Zeller.

With the trade deadline concluded teams are hoping for one last playoff run before their championship window closes as teams like the new and improved Cleveland Cavaliers, Blake Griffin Pistons. The depleted Sacramento Kings, the playoff hopeful Bucks, and the new roster of the Los Angeles Lakers. Are these teams championship bound, or will there championship window close in attempt to rebuild?

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Winners and Losers of the 2018 NBA Trade Deadline