Valentine’s Day Stole the Heart of Many

Molly Alonso and Megan Helge

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The month of February is full of different holidays, activities and cold weather, but one thing that beats it all is the holiday full of love, Valentine’s Day!

Many people look forward to February 14 every year for several reasons like the candy or the small paper cards that you hand out to everyone in your class. Trailside always does something special on the week of Valentine’s day called candy grams. Kids can purchase candy grams and they get sent to their friends!

Valentine’s day is fun for different people in different ways, even our teachers have something to say about Valentine’s Day…

“The best part of Valentine’s Day was when we would get those awesome Ninja Turtle valentines.” Says Michael

Molly Alonso
Trailside Middle School even decorates for Valentine’s Day. The hearts on the mobile have objects that students loved and wrote.

Hallinan, Editor of Trailside Times. Charlie Hughes likes Valentine’s Day not because of love, but because of candy. Hughes likes getting candy because he feels that it symbols something more than just candy. Diana Altenhof doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, she likes the day after Valentine’s Day. “I look forward to February 15 because that is when all of the chocolate is on sale! And then my dad will go and get me some candy.”

Some people loved handing out valentine’s to their friends but some others didn’t. Seventh grader, Jane Harwood says “I always thought it was kind of stupid because my mom and I would always forget to go and buy the valentines for school. They were fun but, I don’t miss it very much.” Eighth grader, Diana Altenhof still does hand out valentines. She likes to make them on Microsoft Paint. She likes to make them funny and individualize them based on who she is making it for. “Not really, no. Every single night before Valentine’s Day my mom put out all of the cards and I had to write everybody’s name on it. It was just really annoying. And now since we are in middle school, I have a lot of people in eight classes.” Seventh grader, Charlie Hughes responds. Emily Kittleson doesn’t miss handing out valentines “They were a lot of work and it was boring.” She always thought the class parties were no fun. For Kittelson, Valentine’s Day is fun because she gets to spend more time with her family.

Overall, Valentine’s Day has something fun for everyone! Whether you enjoy Valentine’s Day for the cards, the love, or the chocolate.