New Electives Roll into Trailside!

Jane Harwood and Emily Kittelson

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February doesn’t just mean Valentine’s Day.. It also means Trailside students are choosing their electives for next year! There are two new electives rolling into Trailside next year, Robotics and Coding. There are also the languages of French, Spanish, German, and Latin still being offered. There is even a Video Production, Journalism, FACS, and Tech Ed class offered for students and we can’t forget about music and art classes at Trailside too!

Jane Harwood
Every student who goes to Trailside receives this paper with all the electives offered.

Next year will be the first year of Coding (CAMS7) and Robotics (VEXs Robotics) Is offered here at Trailside. Mrs. Terri Colbert is planning to teach Coding and Mr. Peter Beczkiewicz is planning to teach Robotics. Colbert said “I am excited to start the new elective and thinks a lot of students will sign up.” Beczkiewicz thinks the same about his new class being offered. The new classes are going to do many different things or projects. Beczkiewicz said “We will take more time to design the robots and we will learn about basic electronics in the class.”

These two 8th grade studetns were involved in the Vex Robotics club. They enjoyed being apart of the club.

Kids all around the school are either leaving from Trailside or going and making more footprints on there way through Trailside. 6th grader Sydney Shumway said “I am going to plan to take Spanish or Journalism.” Shumway also thinks “It’ll be nice to have a different type of class.”

Most of the electives are high school credit classes so many of the teachers have a strategy or some advice for students. All of the foreign languages offered at Tra

ilside are high school credit classes plus Robotics. Madame Sana Touijar the French teacher said “I have many different strategies to get through to many different students.” Touijar also said “You don’t have to be smart to learn a language you just have to want to learn and then you will succeed.” Many students should take Madame Touijar’s advise while choosing the electives they want to take next year.

For rising 8th grade students they get to choose two full year electives. Current 7th grader Charlie Hughes said “I’m thinking about taking Spanish and Tech Ed8 next year.” Hughes is also excited to take two different electives next year. Another current 7th grader Ava Kessler is planning on taking French and FACS8 next year. However Kessler is going to take French 2 because she already took the first level of French in 7th grade. 

There is not only languages, Coding and Robotics  but there are also the communication classes, Video Production and  Journalism. These are hands-on classes and students “are active around the school with students and teachers,” said 7th grader Emily Kittelson.  In video productions they make films for Trailside and some videos even get to be a sponsors on the news show every morning. In journalism the students write articles about what is going on around Trailside and the community.

Many students are looking forward to choosing their electives and many of the teachers that are going to teach electives next year are excited to see some new and some of the same students in their classrooms next year. We hope you choose the right elective for you and we hope you enjoy whatever class you choose to take!

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New Electives Roll into Trailside!