Team Builders and T-Shirts

Sumayya Khan and Hailey Loftin

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Earlier this year in Compass, groups created a crest to put on a team t-shirt. Then everyone voted for which design they wanted on the t-shirt. Finally, the students got their t-shirts at the t-shirt reveal on February 9. Each t-shirt was designed by a member in the team in October.

Before the t-shirt reveal, the student whose design got picked, didn’t even know their design would be picked beforehand. So even for them, it was a surprise.  Each t-shirt is the same color as the team colors; red, black, and gray. In the grade houses, the pillars are decorated with each teams name.

In the grade houses, the pillars are decorated to display the teams. The teams had many competitions that had souvenirs to decorate the pillars.

“For sixth graders, we want them to get used to the school, so we make the team’s theme parks, because we are right next to the park. So sixth grade is Glacier, Yellowstone, and Denali.For seventh grade, it’s more wolfy, so we do Fearless Fangs, Wild Paws, and Black Howlers. Eighth graders are leaving so they are finding their own path. There is Pathfinders, Trailblazers and Explorers. We decided to make the teams more noticeable, because kids didn’t even know what team they were on before. That’s how the t-shirts came to be.” Patricia O’Connell, assistant principal, explains.

Each team has it’s own poster. The pictures are the drawings of the students that were pit on the t-shirts.

At the end of the day, each grade level got to do a team building activity with their compass classes. Sixth graders took a survey for two 25 minute activities that they wanted to do with their compass class. These activities consisted of kahoots, board games, and charades. Seventh graders went to the cafeteria and played a rock, paper, scissors tournament. Eighth graders had a derby race between compasses. Each compass had to throw a cardboard car together out of paper and cardboard. A student was picked to race for the compass class.

“The t-shirts are okay”, eighth grader Mariya Strets said, “I don’t really like the competitions between the teams. I feel like the school could do something more engaging.”

“I loved my activity,” sixth grader Soumya Kosoor said,” I got to go do karaoke and a banner creation. I think I really liked the banner activity because it was very interactive. The karaoke was fun because all the teachers were really pumped up. I also love my team shirt. My friend’s design actually got picked, so I feel really good wearing it.”

“T-shirts can be good for team spirit,” said seventh grader Hanaan Kazia, “But I feel like the competitions could have been executed better.”


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Team Builders and T-Shirts