Flying High At The Olympics

Sara Tempelton

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The 2018 Winter Olympics was full of twist and turns, just like Shaun White and his snowboarding performance on the half pipe. The Winter Olympics have been amazing, but what about the news about North and South Korea? Or all the people accused of steroids? And what about the amazing performance left by many of the competitors?

First I would like to talk about the snowboarding performances. Shaun White came back from

Chloe Kim smiling and laughing about her gold winning perfermance. Chloe Kim has 6 x-games medals.

his injury and a heartbreaking loss in 2004 and then he came back better than before. He won the gold representing USA well. Except for when White was given the USA flag, he dragged it on the floor… Was he doing it on purpose, or was it just an accident?

Another amazing snowboarder was a 17 year old girl Chloe Kim. She had a fabulous couple runs. She started out calm and just enjoying the half pipe. Throughout her runs they kept getting better and better. The 17 year old has won 6 X-game medals, so the gold medal performance was expected from her fans and peers. Good thing she impressed them with a gold winning performance.

Now I would like to talk about North Korea and South Korea. It fascinates me about how they basically teamed up and went to the olympics while they are at war. The Korean Peninsula has been divided since 1950-1953 war, and they have  never signed a peace treaty either, but they can manage to leave it alone and still have fun at the olympics.

Russia has been kicked out of the upcoming Winter Olympics because there were many cases of doping. For instance Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitsky was tested positive for doping. 41 metals have been taken from Russians because of doping violations.

The olympic games where very fun to watch and follow up on. There were fabulous performances and amazing world problems solved. Make sure you watch the skiers flying down the hill and the adrenaline rushing flips and tricks.


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Flying High At The Olympics