Megan’s Menagerie: Mr. Rogers

Megan Helge

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Is your family wanting an attention wanting, friendly, cute turtle? Well, this month on Megan’s Menagerie, Mr Rogers is the star of the show!

Mr Rogers is a red and green turtle and Red-Eared slider, and he is 1 year and 8 months old. And he loves attention, and being the star of the show. Mr Rogers is a cute turtle and would love to sit with you when doing homework.

Mr Rogers is a very friendly turtle! When I visited him, I could tell right away that he liked having visitors. He swam right up to the tank, instead of hanging around in the back. When I read his sign, it said that he had been here since October! That’s a really long time! I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want Mr Rogers to come home with them. At the animal shelter, turtles are only $30.00 vs. $45.00 at your traditional pet store. When I went to take a picture of him, he came right up to the camera and took in the attention!

If Mr Rogers sounds like the turtle for you, stop by the Loudoun County Animal Shelter and ask to see Mr Rogers!

Megan Helge, Editor

Megan Helge is a 7th grader here at Trailside Middle School. She is a competitive swimmer and swims four days a week. Megan is also apart of Girl Scouts...

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Megan’s Menagerie: Mr. Rogers