Let’s go Alonso: Atomic

Molly Alonso

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The month of February is full of snow days and three day weekends, and
because of that many people are looking for something to do. Whether you want to have fun with friends or you’re bored out of your mind, Atomic is a great place to go. Atomic is a trampoline park with several different things to do such as a ball pit, a dodgeball area, a basketball area, and several trampolines to jump around on.
I have gotten to atomic about 3 times with friends and I have had fun each time. All the
employees there were very nice and they were always super helpful. They could answer any question you needed to know and they always made sure we were safe. When you go to Atomic, you have to sign a waiver, which you can do online or in person. Also, you have pay 2 dollars for their socks in case you don’t already have them.
The price for Atomic is not extremely expensive in my team. 30 minutes is $12, 1 hour is
$17, 90 minutes is $21, and 2 hours is $27. You get to do a lot at Atomic, so I think it is worth it. You usually can’t purchase food and drinks their except if you are having a party or on certain nights with a theme. Atomic has themed nights every week, for example they have teen night on Saturday nights. I have never been to one of their themed nights, but I hope to go soon.
Atomic has something for everyone, so I think it’s a great place to go. The employed are
nice, the price isn’t crazy, and the whole area is fun. I would totally recommend going to Atomic on a day when your looking for something to do. You can go with friends, family, or whoever you want. I had a lot of fun when I went and I’m sure you will too.

Molly Alonso, Student Life Writer

Molly Alonso is a 7th grader here at Trailside Middle School. She participates on a Volleyball team and does the Girl Up club. Some of Molly’s hobbies...

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Let’s go Alonso: Atomic