Templeton’s Terror: 47 Meters Down

Sara, Student Life Writer

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Well, it’s winter still, and a shark movie has been made…again. The cold is going away but it sure isn’t summer. I was thinking about how it’s getting warm and my mind drifted off to the ocean. I am trying to find a movie and I thought, “what if I did a shark movie?” That’s what I’m doing today. I will be reviewing the movie 47 Meters Down.

47 Meters Down is a movie about two sisters, Kate and Lisa go on vacation to Mexico for fun and adventure. Lisa just gets through a breakup and needs some more fun, at least that is what Kate thinks. Kate persuades Lisa to go diving with sharks. The sisters get in a steel cage to protect them, but what happens when the tank disconnects from the boat and falls 47 meters down.

First I would like to point out that at the beginning of the movie they meet some guys, the young men tell them that they have a place where they can swim with sharks. They get on the boat that is most definitely not well suited for a company that needs to be safe, the boast is rusty and old. Then, the sisters question the fact that the men are baiting the water (it is illegal to bait the water.) So this so called company is illegally baiting the water and also has a raggedy old boat. So the common sense that goes through this movie is unbelievable.

My second problem is that the trailer is so misleading. The trailer is incredibly amazing. The movie isn’t that good. It seems as if they spent more time on the trailer then on the actual movie. The trailer is in tip-top shape and makes me want to watch more but halfway through the movie I was ready to go to sleep. The movie scare level is about 4/10 because it is all jump scares. No leading up to the scare, and no theme throughout the movie.

Although the movie wasn’t the best I can give them credit for their amazing budget. They ended up making up a little over twice the times of their original budget. This is very impressive because It’s a shark movie and shark movies have a history of not being the best. It could go the other way because it had a great trailer for the movie.

I don’t suggest this movie because it has a bad plot, no common sense, and terrible acting, but let’s hope for warmer weather and better shark movies.


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Templeton’s Terror: 47 Meters Down