Kittleson’s Krafty Korner- Brighten up your space with more than just lights


Emily Kittleson, 1521759196:20

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Have you ever seen people who have very artsy photos of flowers made out of paper or different things around their house. This is a great way to create a craft to decorate your house. All you need is some left over tissue paper from a recent gift and you too can fold it into a beautiful flower.

Things you need:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Clear string/ fishing wire
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Mason jar or clear jar
  • Tape
  • Fairy lights (optional)
  • Ruler

   To get started cut out 8” x 5”  squares of tissue paper. I tried several methods until I found a successful way to create the flowers. I took 4 of the squares of tissue paper and folded them accordion style from the short end. After you fold the tissue paper take about 18” of sting and go under the accordian folded paper , then bring it to the top and tie two to three knots then cut off the excess string. Now trim the ends of the tissue paper in a scalloped fashion. Separate and fluff each layer carefully to create the flower shape that looks good to you. The next step is to create the stem using a green pipe cleaner. Take the pipe cleaner and bend it down about ½’ onto itself then use tape to and attach the bent part onto the flower. If you would like to make multiple flowers just repeat the process over and over using various colors of tissue paper. I created five flowers for my mason jar. To spice up the flowers you can add details to the stem like more green leaves or branches. 

    I jazzed my project up a little but using fairy lights from Target. I placed them inside the mason jar with the battery pack hanging out of the back of the jar. By doing this you can place your flowers in the jar and use to decorate a room or use for a nightlight. Enjoy your jar and make some as gifts.