Charlie’s Choice of the Month: The American Steakhouse

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Charlie’s Choice of the Month: The American Steakhouse

Charlie Hughes, News

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The month of March has come and it’s time for another food review! This time I am going to the American Steakhouse with a twist, because it is my birthday! I was looking for another juicy burger and fries. I had picked there because I was also obsessed with their rolls and their sports sections had a ton of televisions and their booths are really comfortable.
When I walked in I felt welcomed, they had someone opening the door for you and the host was there right away to greet you. They took us to our seat and got our orders for drinks right away. I only got water because I was going to be having a cake later. The booths were super relaxing and I just sank into it. The televisions were awesome because March Madness was on and my family is really into it. The waiter was very nice and kept on coming back to make sure we were doing ok. So far while we waited for food I was definitely pleased and would give them five Charlie out of five.
I decided to start on the fries like I normally do. They were okay but didn’t really have any taste expect like potatoes. They would have been so much better had they seasoned them. They were just bland and I only ate them because I was starving. These were some of the worst fries I have ever had and if I am to go back I would definitely pick a different side. The fries put the American Steakhouse at a good 4.5 Charlies out of five.
When I finally was able to dig in I thought I was in burger paradise. My tastebuds were in love with the burger. The fact that the fires had been bad didn’t even matter anymore. The burgers were fresh and well put together. It looked like their picture on the menu it was so good looking. The juice streamed out of the burger when I took a bite. It was so good, I felt like they cooked it to the perfect amount. I couldn’t believe how good of a job they had done with the meal. I felt like they knew me and knew exactly how I liked my burgers to be cooked. This was an amazing place and the burger definitely outweighed the fries and put it back at a 5 Charlies out of 5.

Charlie Hughes
I decided to get the normal hamburger. The normal hamburger is one of the Americans Steakhouse’s best!

As you can see this was an amazing restaurant and I would definitely recommend it to go out with your friends or family. It ended up as a 5 out five Charlie’s. If you do end up going there I definitely recommend get their hamburger but maybe picking a different side. All their waiters are friendly and I promise you will feel at home. This was a great restaurant and I hope to see you there!