Thoughts From the Trail: School Shooting Protection

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Thoughts From the Trail: School Shooting Protection


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Our question is what do you think the LCPS school board should do about the recent school shootings?


Eighth grader Joseph Pearson

“One thing they could add is metal detectors for any type of metal so we know before then if someone had a metal weapon or any type of weapon.”

Eighth grader Humza Uddin

“I don’t really suggest anything because they are doing a really good job like the drills we are practicing, you have to an ID to enter the building and having double doors.”


Eighth grader Daina Altenhof

“I’m not really for arming teachers but I am for more security, more routine checks, more routine drills, because the reality of that happening here is low but it could still happen. I think we should just take this to congress and force them to change because this is happening too much.”

Seventh grade house secretary Kelly Garrity

“I really like the protection we have right now. I truly think though that if the students see or hear something then they should say something and tell an adult.”

Seventh grade guidance counselor Brianne Foster

“Protection and safety is super important and I think the school board is doing a great job of protecting the schools.”