Charlies Choice of the Month: Tower Oak Lodge

I decided to go to Tower Oaks Lodge this month. It is located at 2 Preserve Pkwy, Rockville, MD 20852

I decided to go to Tower Oaks Lodge this month. It is located at 2 Preserve Pkwy, Rockville, MD 20852

Charlie Hughes, Food Review

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The month of May has come and it’s time for another review! This time it was my Mom’s birthday so we went to her favorite restaurant Clyde’s. There was a new one open in Rockville near my Grandparents so we went there to meet them. It was called Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge. I was expecting a fun dinner to talk with my family but also have a great meal!

When I arrived, there were fish in a mini lake under a bridge to the restaurant. It also had a walkway with tree branches with lights on them. They also had a nice sun-room where you could sit in it. Then there were the normal booths which we got seated at. I was a little disappointed about that because my Mom really wanted to sit in the sun- room. The mood was very calming and I liked how they did all the things to make it seem relaxing with the fish, sun-room, and walkway. So far it was at a 4.5 Charlies out of five. It would have been perfect but they didn’t let us choose where we wanted to sit. This was only the beginning though.

It was time to order and I got the normal hamburger with nothing on it and a Sprite. The waiter was nice but I felt like she did not want to be here. This did not affect us though because she still gave it her best effort and served us well. I didn’t have to wait long as the food came out in what seemed like ten minutes. The food came out and I knew I had picked the right burger, the normal hamburger. The appearance was amazing and I couldn’t wait to dig in!

I started on the fries and they were surprisingly really good. There was a lot of salt which was one of the reasons it was really good. The fries were also really big  which made me get more than I would have going to Red Robin were they weren’t as good or big. The fries were really good and took my mind of not being in the sun-room, because of this it was at a five Charlies out of five.

When I finally was able to dig in I thought I was in burger paradise. My taste-buds were in love with the burger. The fact that the fires had been bad didn’t even matter anymore. The burgers were fresh and well put together. It looked like their picture on the menu it was so good looking. The juice streamed out of the burger when I took a bite.  It was so good, I felt like they cooked it to the perfect amount. I couldn’t believe how good of a job they had done with the meal. I felt like they knew me and knew exactly how I liked my burgers to be cooked. This kept it at its greatness at a five Charlies out of five!

I decided to get the normal hamburger. The hamburger is very famous there so I thought I would love it!

This was definitely an amazing restaurant as it finished out as a five Charlies out of five! I would definitely recommend going to it to have a great time with your friends or family. It’s a very calming place to go and I hope you will agree with me! Hope to see you there.