College Football is Back!

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Finally, after a whole year of waiting College Football has begun, and teams are starting their path to either a depressing defeat or a potential championship run. The favorites to win this year include West Virginia with their returning QB in Will Grier, Penn State with Trace Mcsorley, and many more teams in contention for a title.

Another one of the predicted top teams this year is Penn State. Penn State, last year had a good year as they finished second in their division with an 11-2 record. Last season, McSorley completed 284 of the 487 passes he threw for 3570 yards, 28 touchdown’s, and 10 interceptions. Penn State’s quarterback, Trace Mcsorley, is without another playmaker for the first time in his college career, but will he come in the clutch and lead his team to a conference championship?

Andrew Rubin
Trace McSorley is one of the top Heisman candidates this year. But will he meet those massive expectations, or will they have their first disappointing season in years?

Trailside Health and PE teacher, Stephen Rudolph said, “ I like Penn State [just] because they have a good football program”. He also has some experience as a college athlete himself, playing golf for Shepherd University in Pennsylvania. 7th grader Matthew Palmer also roots for Penn State. “My third grade teacher likes Penn State, so I decided to support him and his college football team.”

“This is the point of football, a game of matchups,” said ISR and Resource teacher Steven Willoughby.

The next team on the list is West Virginia, West Virginia last year disappointed with a 7-6 record and a 6th place finish in the Big 12. This year their Senior star Quarterback Will Grier is predicted to finish in the top of the Heisman voting. Grier last year threw for 3490 yards, 34 touchdowns, and 12 INT. He is with a lot of deadly receivers and running backs this year, but will he excel in the moment or will he crack under the pressure?

Chris Anderson
Expectations are high for Will Grier and West Virginia this year. But will they excel in the moment, or will they crack under the pressure for another disappointing season?

“I will watch West Virginia because my sister went there,” said Marlene Santos, the 7th grade dean.

Some teams this year will be successful and maybe win the national championship, while others might struggle. 7th grader Emily Crichton thinks that her favorite team, Georgia, will have a successful season.

Gabby Flamish
7th grader Emily Crichton likes Georgia. But will they succeed this year after a heartbreaking loss to Alabama in the National Championship last year?

“I’m hoping that they will get a redemption because last year they went to the national championship but unfortunately lost to Alabama,” Emily said. “So I’m hoping that they will win the championship this year.”

There are tons of kids all over the school with different opinions of who the think will win. Some may think Clemson may win while others think that LSU will. All we can say for certain, is that you don’t want to miss it!