Reath’s Random Rainbow Reviews: The Hollow

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Reath’s Random Rainbow Reviews: The Hollow

Promotional picture for The Hollow featuring (left to right) Grim, Mira, Adam, Kai, and Weird Guy.

Promotional picture for The Hollow featuring (left to right) Grim, Mira, Adam, Kai, and Weird Guy.

Promotional picture for The Hollow featuring (left to right) Grim, Mira, Adam, Kai, and Weird Guy.

Promotional picture for The Hollow featuring (left to right) Grim, Mira, Adam, Kai, and Weird Guy.

Heaven Reath, Show Critic

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My friends have been trying to get me to watch a million different shows for almost as long as I’ve known them. So when the time for making my blog came around I chose to review shows in hopes of making my way through the list. So of course when it came to write my first review I chose a show none of them had even heard of, because why not.

The Hollow is a Netflix original show about three teens who wake up with no idea of who they are or how they ended up where they are. They have to solve strange puzzles, deal with monsters like hell hounds, witches, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, along with many more and try to make it home with their lives. The show is relatively new, only coming out on June 8 of 2018 with only ten episodes.


The story begins by introducing its three main characters Kai, Adam, and Mira. The three teenagers wake in an unfamiliar room with no exits with no memories. They figure out an escape from the room, only to find themselves in a strange land with supernatural puzzles. With only an unhelpful guide to assist along the way with brief and cryptic advice, the trio starts on their confusing and strange quest through beautifully animated landscape.  Each episode represents a small accomplishment in their quest to get home.

I really liked the plot. It kept you interested and confused in a good way. I want to stay as far away as I can from spoilers in this review. I liked how the characters were always moving. They never stayed in one located for too long. On another note, I liked how information was revealed. I normally don’t stories were we learn the information at the same pace as the main characters but I think this was done really well.


I’m not going to lie, I watched the trailer and thought the characters looked horrible. The first episode did virtually nothing to change that idea. The trailer and first episode portrayed the main characters, Adam, Mira, and Kai, to look like they’re going to be the stereotypical Gary Stu (The guy version of a Mary Sue, a seemingly perfect character with no flaws, who’s overpowered, and the only fault is their tragic past.), smart girl ™, and idiot comic relief respectively. The trailer shows Adam asking all the questions and taking the role as the leader right away. Kai’s body language and the little dialogue he has doesn’t make him seem the brightest and Mire doesn’t really do anything in the trailer but in the first ten minutes of the first episode, she definitely falls into the smart girl trope.

But, by the end of the second episode, I was happily surprised I was starting to really like these characters. Without spoiling much I can say Adam is shown to break the Gary Stu mold. Mira’s character is more than intelligent, though she is clever, she’s empathetic, sarcastic, and kind. Kai’s still the comic relief but his personality is more than just a funny side character. His over cockiness and idiocy shown in the first episode melts to show a smart, kind, and trusting person. 


From a plot standpoint I really liked the ending, from a person who likes things tied up with a nice neat bow, I hated it. The ending explained a lot of things but important questions were left unanswered. The ending also sparked more questions than it answered in my opinion. Most reviews for the show follow the same structure of, “Really liked the storyline, hated the ending,”. It’s impossible to go into more detail without giving spoilers and even if this was a spoiler review I don’t think I could give the ending justice.

I honestly really liked the Hollow. I think the plots unique (minus the whole waking up with no memories cliche), the characters were likable, it kept your interests, and did its best from keeping you from guessing the ending. In ten 23 minute episodes there wasn’t much time for character development but there was some which are more than I can say other Netflix originals. The plot and characters are good, the only problem people seem to be having with the show is the ending. I won’t spoil what the ending is but I can tell you not the cliche “It was all a dream” ending. You’ll just have to watch to find out what happens.


Categories Rating (1-10)
Script 6
Lead 4
Overall Plot 9
Ending 6
Characters 8
Acting 8
Art style 8
Overall 49/70