JOSHbuster: Remember the Titans

Josh Porter, Film Reviewer

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Generally, the main purpose of a movie is to entertain the people watching it. A particular movie, Remember the Titans, exceeded the degree of entertainment to a new level. Not only is Remember the Titans an exciting movie to watch, but it is a inspiring work of art with a strong message.

Remember the Titans shows real events that went on during the time period of about the 1970’s. Black people were discriminated during this period, and they were separated from the whites in public places like restrooms and schools. This resulted in many fights and arguments during the movie because of the horrible racial events. Still, I found Remember the Titans greatly inspiring because of the valuable things that I learned about friendship, family, and kindness.

The cover of the movie Remember the Titans. On the front shows Herman Boone, the main character.

When I saw the movie for the first time, I had just come home from a baseball practice, and I was plenty tired. The only person in the living room, my dad, had been in the middle of watching a movie. When I took my first peek at the TV after walking into my house, I saw helmets, jerseys, and an 100-yard field. Football. I was immediately uninterested. I played football, but rather disliked watching documentaries or, in this case, movies. That night, I had only got to watch the ending half of the movie, but I still took so much away from it. Remember the Titans happens to be based on a true story as well. The movie itself had given me so much to think about by the time it had ended.

Remember the Titans is a movie about a black Head Coach named Herman Boone who was nominated to coach a white football team in the home of Alexandria, VA. Since it is the year of 1971, society with blacks and whites are not friendly. To make matters worse, half the football team now consisted of black players, so there were fights and arguments all over. So, Boone was forced to keep their behavior in order. Through and through the year of football with the help of Coach Boone and Coach Yoast, (Assistant), the team eventually became friends with each other and fought through the practices and games to gain a demolishing record of 13-0.

For me, it is remarkable how a team of blacks and whites can come together being great friends and teammates with the whole community hating one another because of their race. During one of the football games in the movie, the Titans’ warm up was a smooth dance that was synchronized by the whole team who were singing a song about themselves. They were not gloating, but showing who they really were inside. Now, that warm-up in that scene told me directly from their fancy moves to their loud voices that I, along with everyone else, should show who they really are and not try to fit in rather than stand out.