Clubs begin once again at TMS!

Emory Ellis and Iman Faisal

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Every fall, the leaves change color, the air gets colder, and fall clubs start at TMS!  The clubs being offered range from athletics to arts to science. There is something for everyone, and TMS students are sure to find one that interests them.

All clubs meet once a week after school, on Wednesday or Thursday. Activity buses are provided for students who stay after school. Most TMS clubs cost money, but some of them are are free.  Some free clubs are Girl Up Club and FCA. TMS clubs run all year, such as FCA and Battle of the Books, but some are only for the fall season. For example, the Lego Club run by Miss DeLeon and her grandson is only available in the fall.

Pamela DeLeon
Students filming their lego creations in Lego Club.


Battle of the Books:

Are you a bookworm? Then Battle of the Books is a great club for you! In this club, run by the librarians, students read several pre-selected books and the year ends with a competition between schools.  ”This club helps me broaden my horizons and helps me read other genres of books,” says TMS Librarian, Ms. Sunshine.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes:

Do you love to play sports, and want to learn more about Christianity? FCA is perfect for you! FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This club is run by Ms.Smith. In FCA, students play different team sports while learning about the Christian faith. “I wanted to get closer to God while having fun,” says seventh grader, Eva Lanham.

Students of FCA discussing their faith. In FCA, most of the time is spent playing team sports, and the rest of the time is spent talking about certain parts of Christianity.


Video Game Club:

Are you bored playing video games home alone all day? Do you want to hang out with your friend but keep playing video games after-school? Video Game Club is right for you! This popular club is run by Mr. Barnhouse and Mr. Giddens. In this club, students play video games with each other, and bond over similar interests. The games are all approved as appropriate for middle school students.  In some cases, students find games that they are able to continue playing with each other from home.


Table Top Club:

There are about 30 students in Table Top club this year. One of the more popular games students play is Dungeons and Dragons.

Do you want to play board games, but don’t have anyone to play with? Then you should join Table Top Club! In this club you get to play various board games with fellow students. This club is run by Mr. Hallinan, who says, “It is a very inclusive environment, and everyone has a good time.” This club was originally called the Dungeons and Dragons Club, but students wanted to play different games as well as Dungeons and Dragons, so it is now called Table Top club.

There are many more clubs in addition to the ones listed. Information on TMS clubs can be found at Students and staff are in the spirit of fall, and all are enjoying the beginning of clubs!