Gabbys Crunchy Club: Caramel Apples

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Hey guys! My name is Gabby Flamish and welcome to the Crunchy Club! On this blog I will be reviewing some online recipes, specifically for sweets or baked treats. I have always had an appreciation for cooking and I decided it would be fun to share my passion with you guys!

Dipping the Apples in Hot Caramel

This blog is supposed to be fun and if you have any suggestions of what I should make or do to improve the blog, please feel free to let me know. I will be using recipes from online sources like Tasty by Buzzfeed, Delish, and many more websites. If I believe that this recipe is a Bop or Flop, I will be very honest. I will not “sugar coat” anything unless the recipe calls for it. Some of the this the blog will include are:

  • The recipe
  • A photo of the finished product
  • My Thoughts during the process (whether or not the recipes were easy to follow)
  • My rating of the food, 1-10

Each post will have a theme, based off of the current month. For example, this month would be halloween themed treats, November will be Thanksgiving, and so on. I really look forward to experiencing this with you guys!

The Ingredients for the Caramel Apples

This months snack will be caramel apples! This recipe will be coming from a caramel apple kit that I got from an apple orchard.  The brand is Annie B’s Buttery Caramel. Here are the steps.

  1. Carefully remove any wax from the skin of the apple

    The Melted Caramel After Being Warmed up In the Slow Cooker

  2. Heat the caramel in a slow cooker to about 200 degrees
  3. Insert the stick into the center of a chilled apple
  4. Roll apple in caramel and place on wax paper
  5. Chill apples to set Caramel

The steps were overall very easy to follow. I wasn’t confused at all. In the kit there was a big container of caramel, and about 6 sticks for the apples. This recipe in my opinion is a bop, the apples were really good and I would totally recommend it! Thank you so much for joining Gabby’s Crunchy Club!