William’s Low-Budget Cardboard Crafts: Spray Can

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William’s Low-Budget Cardboard Crafts: Spray Can

William Lovejoy, LABO Dev.(?)

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Got a cardboard sheet? Have experience with a hot glue gun? Welcome to…

William’s Low-Budget Cardboard Crafts!

On WLBCC, we make small tools, creations and crafts out of cardboard, hot glue, and some other materials. Today, to start my blog, I’m going to create a spray can with you! Of course, it wouldn’t actually work, but it’s fun to have around! First, you’ll need 1-2 small sheets of cardboard , scissors, hot glue, a ruler, and acrylic paint (optional).
Starting off, you’ll want to cut out a 4 ½ in. by 2 in. piece of cardboard.








That’ll be the base. Now, cut out two pieces with dimensions of 1 ¼ in. by 2 in.








Next, a piece of cardboard with dimensions of 1 in. by 2 ¼ in.








This time, cut out two trapezoids with these dimensions:

Sides: 1 ¼ in.

Bottom: 1 ¼ in.

Top: 1 in.









Finally, cut out two small circles with a diameter of approximately ¾ in. Cut slits inside them just about halfway.








Always remember to hot glue everything above a piece or two of newspaper! Use that to prevent damage to your counters.

First, hot-glue one on of the 1 ¼ in. by 2 in. rectangles to the side of the base. Make sure it’s slanted about 45 degrees.








Next, take the other 1 ¼ in. by 2 in. rectangle and hot glue it to the other side.

Again, slant it 45 degrees.








This time, glue the 1 in. by 2 ¼ in. cardboard piece on top of both 1 ¼ in. by 2 in. rectangles.

Now that you have that part done, you’ll need your trapezoids that you made earlier. Take one of those trapezoids and put it in one side. Emphasis on ONE. That way you can insert a piece in the very near future.








You know how just a few lines earlier I said we would be inserting something into the spray can? Well, we’re doing that now. Take the small circles you cut out earlier. Yeah, the ones with the slits. The reason they have slits is because they are meant to be put together. So, put them together into their slits.

We’ve made a little ball!









Now, put our little ball into the little cave we made with those little scraps!

This image was pretty big because there is a little marking pointing northeast. I figured you might not be able to see it.











Now, put our ball into the very back of the cave we made. Then, glue down the last trapezoid on the open side. Make sure the ball is all the way back, so it does not stick to the excess glue coming out of the last trapezoid. After that’s dried, shake it. You should hear the ball rattling around inside! Now we just need a few more things to do!

Now, cut out a square with an area of 1 ½  inches on all sides, and another with an area of 1 inch on all sides.

How geometrical!









Then, glue each one together.








Now, cut out four pieces of cardboard with dimensions of ½ in. and 2 in. and glue each piece together.

Hello? I’d like a 2-inch cardboard sub, please. Hot glue on it? Yes please!










Mmm… cardboard sub…









Now, as the final few touches of the spray can, cut a hole in the spray can’s upper base (the 4 ½ in. by 2 in. piece) that can fit the four rectangles that we just cut out into it.








Then, hot glue the four rectangles to the bottom of the 1 ½  inch square. Once it’s dried, it should look a little bit like a key.








Then, insert this little key into the spray can facing outward. Congrats, you made a spray can! I would have made a much more complicated spray can, but this is already so long.

It might have a little bit of a hard time staying balanced, though. And yes that’s my cat in the background!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! See everyone next month.