Offbeat and Inspired: How to make fall flowers

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 Fall is here! The leaves are changing colors, the air around us is crisp, summer is leaving us, and we all are going to miss the beautiful flowers that bloom. So to not miss summer too much,  I’m going teach you how to make a fall flower. It’s an easy and fun craft to make!

What you will need:

  • Fall leaves
  • A stick
  • A pair of scissors
  • And green tape

the first step you do to make the flower.

The first thing you do is go outside and collect maple leaves that you like, You can also buy fake leaves at the dollar store or at target, although, it might harder to do it with fake leaves though. After you have collected your leaves you take one leaf and fold it in half make sure that the side that you want is pointing up, then you roll it. You take the second leaf and

the picture above is when you roll the first leaf on top of the second leaf. This is the second step you do.

Do the same thing you did to the first leaf. But when you roll it, roll it next to the first leaf you did. You keep doing that until you like the shape of the flower. It was hard to keep the flower the shape I wanted it to be, because it would sometimes come apart. But the more I did it the easier it got! Then you add the stick to your flower, this was a little hard to do because it came apart so I had to do it several times till it worked. After you have added the stick you use the scissors to trim the stick to the size you like. The last thing you do is you take green tape to wrap around the stick to make it look more like a flower. You don’t have to add tape if you don’t want to.

You want your flowers should look like when you have finished.

I had a fun time doing this craft and I hope that you did too.  I loved that this craft was easy and that I had all the supplies I needed at my house.