The Best App for That: Fitness Apps

This is the Seven Minute Workout app. I liked this app the best.

This is the Seven Minute Workout app. I liked this app the best.

Emory Ellis, Tech Reviewer

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Welcome to The Best App for That, where I review smartphone apps. Each month I pick two apps to compare, and let you know which one is better and which one to leave in the app store.

This month I reviewed two fitness apps, 7 Minute Workout and Seven. First I tried the 7 Minute Workout. When I opened this app, I was greeted with a “Let’s get started!” button. I immediately thought that I was going to have to sign up for a free trial, or be a member of their rewards program. I was relieved when I clicked on the button though, because it led me straight to the workout menu. Once you are there, you are given a list of workout options, in order of difficulty. At the bottom of the screen, the navigation bar has three options: workouts, custom, and progress. All of the exercise sessions last for seven minutes, which is great because everyone can find seven minutes in the day to exercise. I tried the beginner workout. It gave me a 3 second countdown, and then I began. It displays a life-like avatar who is doing the exercise on a loop and explains the exercises. Each exercise is 30 seconds long, and it gave me 10 seconds in between each exercise to rest. I liked that this app told me and showed me the exercises to do, and I also liked that there were frequent rests.

This is the Seven Minute Workout app. I liked this app the best.

The second app I reviewed was called Seven. When I opened this app, I was asked a short series of questions that had to do with how much I exercise and what my goals were. I did not love having to take the time to answer questions. Once I was done with the questions, I was led to the workout page. At the bottom of the screen, the navigation bar had four options: workout, profile, feed, and notifications. I decided to do the workout the app recommended, which was the Full Body Workout. It was helpful to be given a recommendation. The page for the Full Body Workout also gave me a description of the workout, and which exercises I would be doing. I began the workout, and it gave me a 10 second countdown and I began. Like the other app, I was also given 10 seconds to rest in between each workout.


These apps were fairly even in functionality. But overall, I think Seven Minute Workout is the better app. I could just open the app and start exercising and it was easy to navigate through the menu. See you next month, when i will tell you the Best App for That!