NBA fever is sweeping Trailside

Zubair Mahedavi and Omar Ashraf

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Basketball is finally here, and teams are desperately looking for a championship. You may have played basketball before, as a fun and relaxing activity, but when the NBA finals come, many students at Trailside Middle School enjoy watching their favorite NBA superstars running up and down the court, scoring points, and showing off their crazy celebrations.

According to the team that is predicted to win the NBA Finals is the Golden State Warriors. With a lineup full of All-Stars, the Warriors may be able to travel far throughout the Playoffs and maybe get themselves their fourth championship in five seasons.

Zubair Mahedavi
A 7th grader wears a Golden State Warriors jersey after a win against the Wizards.The Warriors have been gaining popularity since they won their championship in 2015.

7th Grader Jackson Moore says “I do not like the Warriors whatsoever, but they are just [overpowering]. That is the reason I do not like them.” This shows how students do not like the team because of how bad they are, but how they are so good. On the other hand some students like Sam Kretsch like the Warriors, with their many talented players. Sam says “My favorite team is the Warriors, mostly because I am from the Bay Area but they also have many NBA All-Stars.”

Students at Trailside seem to appreciate their hometown by supporting the Washington Wizards. With superstars like Bradley Beal and John Wall the Wizards are sure to go far this year and set many

John Wall hypes up the crowd. Wall likes excited fans.

franchise records. Many fans hope the Wizards can win another NBA Finals like they did back in 1978.

Jesus Monagoni says about the Wizards, “ I do not pay much attention to basketball but the Wizards are my favorite team.” Jackson Moore agrees with Jesus and says “I would root for the Wizards any day and any time of the year.” which shows how students here at Trailside Middle School support the Washington Wizards.” Moore, a strong Wizards fan, also agrees to most students about how good the Wizards are.

A number of students at Trailside also like other teams besides Warriors and Wizards,  for example, the Lakers. With some pre-season transactions, the Lakers have managed to pick up a good line-up and defense along with the Wizards, including Super Star, LeBron James. With Lebron on the Lakers team, it will be a close match-up between the Warriors and Lakers in the playoffs.
Lakers superstar LeBron James slams the ball into the hoop after his teammate stole the ball.LeBron was traded to the Lakers prior to the 2018-2019 NBA season

With fans from all sides of the NBA at Trailside, there will be a close match-up with all the teams in the league. Hopefully, many kids will continue watching the NBA and will stick to their teams. Enjoy the basketball season!