Kraft vs. Store Brand Mac and Cheese

Eva Lanham, Food Critic

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Does store brand and name brand taste and different? That’s the question I am hoping to answer. Recently, I tried Kraft mac and cheese and store brand mac and cheese. I wanted to know if they would taste any different. I tasted them myself and then I had my parents blindly taste them and guess which one they were, and which one they thought was better.

Eva Lanham
Here is the blind taste test plate, on side a is the store brand mac and cheese and side b is Kraft. This setup worked well for determining a fair winner.

I made them both the same, added the same ingredients, and cooked them for the same amount of time. First, I tried Kraft, then the store brand. In my opinion, I liked kraft a lot better. To me they definitely tasted very different. Kraft was a lot more flavorful. Also, I noticed the powder of the store brand mac and cheese was white and then turned yellow as it was mixed in. Kraft’s powder was yellow from the start and then stayed yellow as it was mixed in.

Eva Lanham
Here is the two mac and cheeses side by side. They looked very similar in color and had for the most part, the same texture.

I then had my parents do a blind taste test. I labeled a plate with a and b and then put kraft under a and store brand under b. They first guessed correctly and then they both agreed Kraft was better. “The store brand taste more bland,” was what me mom said after trying both. Although the store brand didn’t taste quite as good they both were delicious, and had a lot of similarities.