William’s Low-Budget Cardboard Crafts: Using a glue gun

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William’s Low-Budget Cardboard Crafts: Using a glue gun

William Lovejoy, Potential LABO Dev.

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Everyone is good at something, right? Some people are good at math, others in science, and someone else in English. Yet we all know one thing. Not everyone is that good at handling a glue gun. It could be you, it could be someone near you, and heck, it could be me! I could be handling it all wrong! But either way, I’ve got the experience, so I’ll teach you how to properly – I think – use a glue gun!

First, I’ll need to tell you how a glue gun works. Like humans, all glue guns look different. Here’s mine!

By the way, I’m actually not sure what the names really are, but I’ll roll with them.

First, there’s the nozzle.

The stick port is where you put the glue sticks. Glue sticks are usually sold separately, but some glue guns online come with them to start you out.

The handle and trigger are what you use to hold the glue gun. The trigger is what you use to squeeze out the glue. Lots of triggers actually look like gun triggers, but mine takes up most of the handle.

Then there’s the body. The hottest part of the whole thing, where the glue melts, and where everything comes together.

Yes, that will be on the test. Anyhoo, now that you know the basic anatomy of a glue gun, you’ve gotta use it! It’s very simple. Grab it by the handle, press the trigger and lay down your hot glue wherever you need it. If you want something to be sturdy, don’t be afraid to hold it in place for a moment. As a professional hot-glue artist, I’ve had more than my own share of getting burned. Remember that even though it does hurt and sting, it goes away in seconds. That’s the thing about doing this: injuries give you scars and inflammations you can boast to your friends and call yourself tough… until they wear away. There’s always bragging rights to something! As well, remember that hot glue things above a piece or two of a newspaper. Until next time!