Recognizing Outstanding Timberwolves

Emory Ellis, Gabby Flamish, and Emily Hughes

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The IMPACK awards are a tradition that Trailside has to honour students who show “IMPACK” qualities.  IMPACK means inclusion, motivation, perseverance, altruism, compassion, and kinship. The ceremony happens every quarter and is held in the auditorium. Trailside invites all of the award recipients and their families to a fun night of recognition of these outstanding students. The IMPACK awards are given to students in all grades, a boy and a girl are selected from each team to receive an award. Trailblazers, Pathfinders, Explorers are the 8th grade teams. Wild Paws, Howlers, and Fearless Fangs are the 7th grade team. The 6th grade teams are Glaciers, Yellowstone, and Denali.

Valerie Daniel
Gabriella Flamsih and Chloe Hudson posing for a picture with &th grade conselour Desiree Moore


I–  Inclusion was the first to be announced at the ceremony.  This award was given to kids who all made sure everyone felt included. “Even though I was new this year I believe that everyone deserves a shot to do their best, and to make friends”, says reward recipient Gabby Flamish.


M– Motivation was the second to be announced. Motivation means always being determined to reach goals. Some students have trouble finding motivation. “I think that it is really important that us as a school community work together as a family.”, says school counselor, Desiree Moore. Ms. Moore wants all students to stay motivated.


P– Perseverance was the third to be announced. Perseverance means facing a challenge but overcoming it.  There were many memorable people who received this award, but one student in particular broke his arm but persevered through the struggle of getting to his classes on time and carrying his belongings.


A– Altruism was the forth to be announced. Altruism means caring about other people’s well being. Trailside wants everyone to treat each other with respect, and everyone who received the altruism award made all the teachers proud.


C–  Compassion was the fifth to be announced. Compassion means truly caring about your peers  and helping them out. Carolyn Greening believes that the school give out these awards to “Motivate students to try their best”. She not only has been welcoming to new students, she invites all students to be apart of the conversation or whatever is going on in the classroom.


K– Kinship was the last to be announced. Kinship means being open and friendly to everyone. Trailside gives out these awards to students like Nathan Moorehead who says received the Kinship Award was Nathan Moorehead, who says, “I think the school gives out these awards to, you know, bring spirits up, you know, recognise them for what they are doing.”  Fun Fact: Kinship is  Ms. Moore’s favorite award.

Emory Ellis
Students receiving their awards.

Emory Ellis
The leaflet that was handed out at the impack awards, with all of the names of the recipients.