Eighth Graders Invade Hemlock Park

Ryan Lingerfelt and Sara Templeton

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Teamwork and learning how to work with groups can be very difficult, but with the help of physically and mentally challenging obstacles it is very easy to learn. Eighth graders set out to learn about these themes on October 30th-31st. The grade took a field trip to hemlock, an outdoors camp. Students spent the day doing activities with their compass group, all with an underlying them, leading up to a big challenge.

Ryan Lingerfelt
Some eighth-graders gathering on benches. They’re waiting for the day to begin.

Many of the activities taught important virtues like trust, patience, and teamwork. Overall the theme of the day is that people are stronger together than alone. Problem-solving was also important in this trip, most of the time the kids were faced with a challenge and they had to figure out how to overcome it. All only being able to be completed with the help of their team.

Although challenging, students seemed to take away a lot from this event. Patrick Devine says “I learned my compass can work together, even with only a few people.” Students got the chance to learn more about their peers and learn to trust them in just a few hours. Teachers have also learned much from the trip. Even though they did not participate in the obstacles they still seemed to learn just as much as the children that went.

Students walk down the trail on the way to their next activity. Students completed about 4 or 5 challenges.

“We learned about team building and relying on one and other to solve situations and problems, and doing that go together was a great experience,” said Civics teacher Mr. Giddens.

Learning how to cooperate with your teammates is a key aspect of all the obstacles. During this trip, students had to complete activities not knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Some of the activities included balancing on wooden planks and crossing wires.

8th grader Sumayya Khan says “We did one where there is a bunch of posts with a wire between them and you couldn’t have completed it without my teammates.”

As students got to know their team better even the more difficult activities were easy to complete. For instance, Mrs. Prietti’s compass class took 45 minutes to complete the first obstacle which was stated as the easiest. The thing was, as the obstacles got harder it became faster because they were more used to problem-solving with your team.

This trip was carried out in hopes to bring classes closer together, and in most students’ opinions, it succeeded. The trip was full of fun times but hard times. By using teamwork and cooperation, your team can overcome it.