NaNoWriMo's symbol, a viking hat shows up on the dashboard. Each November, many english classes come up with new ways to use this event.

Sumayya Khan

NaNoWriMo's symbol, a viking hat shows up on the dashboard. Each November, many english classes come up with new ways to use this event.

Sumayya Khan, Sarah Perry, and William Lovejoy

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Get out your laptops, notepads, and pencils because NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) has begun! Nanowrimo is a goal setting activity for writers throughout the month of November. Some of the English teachers are jumping for joy at the opportunity. Each student gets to set a goal for themselves for the month of November. The hope is that by the end of the month, the student will have written a novel.

“The adult version is different, it’s just 50,00 words for one month. In the schools, that’s where they give you more of the leeway,” said communications teacher, Michael Hallinan.

Two students, Andrew Hollinger and Ananya Bellary work on NaNoWriMo in their english class. The first 15 minutes of english are dedicated to NaNo.

For starters, there’s a couple of things you can see at first glance. On your dashboard, there is your novel, which you can edit at any time. The NaNoWriMo Countdown, which is what you look to when you need to know when it ends and starts. There is the NaNo feed, where agents at NaNoWriMo HQ will send you helpful news, pep videos, discussions and things to help you with your novel, like FAQs, Pep Talks and more! Then there’s the Classroom. It is where everybody gets together to talk about their novels!

“My English teacher basically told us to do NaNoWrimo, but I actually enjoy it because I like writing and I never get the chance to,” said seventh grader Ayla Shapiro.

First, there are students who do this in the classroom. In their english class, they do fifteen minutes of NaNoWriMo at the start of class. Some students like NaNoWriMo, some don’t, but everyone’s doing the same thing.

The NaNoWriMo website counts down the seconds until the challenge finishes. There was a countdown until NaNo started, too.

There still are still students that are doing NaNoWriMo without a classroom.   Each student picked their own word count. Everyday, the individual is required to write a certain amount of words, which in total, will add up to their word goal at the end of the month. There is a goal for every day to keep you on track.

“I picked 21,000 words as my NaNoWriMo goal, which I think I’ll be able to pull off. This is my third year doing NaNo, I started in sixth grade as a classroom. I liked it so much that I decided to do it again in seventh grade, and now this year,” said eighth grader, Hanaan Kazia,

“NaNo is good for me because I normally write really little one week and a whole load the next, and NaNo has me writing the same amount everyday, which makes me a better writer.”

NaNoWriMo isn’t only a writing challenge for the month of November- it’s just the most popular. There are challenges inside of NaNoWrimo. Some are Word Sprint. If you get stuck and come down with a bad case of writer’s block NaNoWrimo also has a solution called Dare Machine. This helpful tool gives you suggestions that you can write into your story.

If you missed NaNoWrimo this year then don’t worry, it happens every November. If you wish to participate, you can

Sarah Perry
Pictured above is the NaNoWrimo pin, which is decorated with each year’s theme. You can buy many things from the NaNoWriMo store.

create an account any time, any where. Whether you’re in halfway across the world or right here in Virginia, you can participate. as long as you a device, you can write.

Sumayya Khan, Editor

Sumayya Khan is an eighth grader at Trailside Middle School. Sumayya enjoys many things, including reading, writing, drawing, and sewing in her free time....

William Lovejoy, Student Life Reporter

William Lovejoy is a seventh grader at Trailside Middle School. He likes sewing together small creations, and using hot glue to put together scraps of...

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