Abbey’s Monthly Movie: Overlord

Overlord takes place in World War II as US soldiers are trying to take down a radio tower


Overlord takes place in World War II as US soldiers are trying to take down a radio tower

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For this month, I will be reviewing the movie, Overlord. Overlord is about a group of US soldiers in World War II trying to take down a radio tower so that the allied troops could advance through Germany and take out Hitler. However, they end up stumbling upon the Nazis secretly experimenting on people as they try to make an undead and unbeatable army. I decided to review this movie for this month because Overlord was a movie that I have been wanting to watch for a while, plus I’m a big fan of action/horror movies.

Private Boyce, who is played by Jovan Adepo, isn’t ready for World War II. It would be the first war he had ever fought in, and he would hesitate before doing anything. Corporal Ford, who is played by Wyatt Russell, doesn’t like how Boyce holds back, as he just wants to get the job done.

One thing I thought was great about the movie were the special effects. Throughout the movie, there were tons of explosions, which looked very realistic. In the past, I have seen movies that don’t have very realistic explosions in it, so I was happy that the special effects team was able to pull it off. Another thing I liked about it was how they made the zombies look. The veins they had running throughout their body and the bones that would pop out looked very real. It was very cool and at some points creepy, but I overall enjoyed it.

The third and final thing that I thought was great was the action all throughout the movie. In the beginning, they showed Boyce jumping from the plane that was about to crash due to being shot by the Nazis, and it was very realistic. It gave everyone watching a perspective as if we were falling out of a plane as well. I liked the one-take scene and how the director was able to pull it off. I thought that it was very well filmed, along with all the other scenes where the US soldiers are fighting with the Nazis.

One thing I wish that they would’ve added is a scene where the Nazis set the zombies loose and the US soldiers have to fight them off. I also wish that they would’ve added more scenes with them. They were showed somewhat a lot through it, but they didn’t have many big scenes with them. If they would’ve added more scenes to the movie that involved the zombies I feel like it would’ve been a lot better. It seemed as if the movie was rushed and missed a lot of concepts that they could’ve included.

Another thing that I wish they would’ve done something about is the acting. At the beginning of the movie, the acting wasn’t that great, along with a few scenes where there’s a ton of action, which without good acting is pretty boring. However, towards the end, the acting got a whole lot better. It made the movie seem very boring because the acting wasn’t the best during scenes where it should’ve been.

This movie wasn’t that bad, and overall I would rate it a 7/10. I feel that if they would’ve added more concepts with the experimenting that it would’ve been a whole lot better, along with improving the acting. However, the special effects and action were amazing.