Offbeat and Inspired: Simple Yarn pumpkins

Emily Hughes

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A favorite activity to do in fall is carve pumpkins but have you ever tried to make a room decor using pumpkins? It’s an easy and simple way to show fall spirit.

Materials you will need:

  • Orange yarn
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • And another type of yarn

The first step you will do is take a pieces of long orange yarn then you wrap the yarn around your fingers. Once you do this you tie the end of the yarn around the middle. It got really confusing to tie the yarn because the knot wouldn’t stay.  

Emily Hughes
This is how to tie the yarn around the middle.

The next step you do is add the pipe cleaner to the knot you tied around the yarn. This was a little hard for me to do because it kept  getting untied.  You will keep doing this until you like the amount of pumpkins you made. 

The last step you do is add a different type of yarn to the pipe cleaner, you do this to be able to hang the pumpkins up to show your fall spirit!! 

Emily Hughes
This is what the finally product should look like.