Cheez-its vs. Simply Nature Cheese Crackers

Eva Lanham

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Eva Lanham
Here are the two boxes side by side. The box on the left was the generic crackers, and the box on the right was the name brand cheese crackers.

This month I compared Cheez-Its and Simply Nature, generic cheese crackers. Cheez-Its ended up being $1.48 more than the generic crackers. However, the two cracker brands were very alike in taste and texture. There was, however, a difference in the look. Surprisingly, the generic cheese crackers ended up looking a lot less crumbled and they looked less artificial.

The ingredients of the two brands were quite similar. However, they tasted slightly different. The generic crackers tasted blander and there wasn’t too much of a cheese flavor. The Cheez-its tasted more cheesy and like they had more salt. While I preferred the taste of the Cheez-its, I preferred the price and look of the generic ones.

I gave members of my family a blind taste test, however this time my aunts and cousins were over

Eva Lanham
This is the plate that was used for the blind taste test. The blind taste test was a fair way of determining if there was a difference in the taste of the two brands.

to join. Initially, most people thought the store brand cheese crackers were cheez-its because they overall looked better. Once they were eaten however almost everyone’s opinion changed into thinking the cheez-its were the cheez-its and the store brand crackers were the store brand crackers. My aunt said, “The first one is Cheez-Its (she was right), and they taste more flavorful and salty.”

On the other hand, my mom did agree that the “Cheez-Its” were more flavorful, however, she preferred the more bland taste. I also had my brother and cousins taste test them both, however, they didn’t taste much difference. Once I told my family which ones were which they were surprised to see that the store brand cheese crackers looked better and even more appetizing.

Overall, I preferred cheez-its however there isn’t too much of a difference. If you are trying to save some money, however, I would recommend the store brand or generic, Simply Nature Cheese crackers. For the most part the appearance was the main difference, however, there was a slight difference in taste.