The Best App For That: Photo Collage Apps

 This is the icon for Pic Collage.

This is the icon for Pic Collage.

Emory Ellis

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Welcome to The Best App for That, where I review smartphone apps. Each month I pick two apps to compare and let you know which one is better and which one to leave in the app store.


This month I reviewed two photo collage apps, Pic Collage, and Collageable. First I tried Collageable. When I selected the app, I was asked to buy a membership or start a free trial. This frustrated me because I think that when you get an app for free, you shouldn’t be asked to buy a membership. I refused to start a free trial, so I continued into the app. On the main page, you are given three options. The options are Body, Collage, and Beauty. I tapped on the Body button first and selected a picture to edit. I then received a pop up saying I couldn’t use that future without buying a membership. After that, I found out that it was the same situation for the Beauty feature. Then, I clicked on the collage icon, and I was given 13 different pages of Collage formats. I decided on one and added my pictures. I could not add extra features and stickers because they were part of the membership.

This is the icon for Pic Collage.


Then I tried Pic Collage. I entered the app, and I got right into making a collage! I wasn’t asked once to be apart of their membership, and I was relieved. The options were Grids, Freestyle, and Cards. I really like how I had the option to do a freestyle collage and a grid collage. I chose the picture I wanted, and I added some effects and stickers for free! My picture turned out great.


Overall, I think that Pic Collage is definitely the winner. Everything was easy to access, all of it was free, and my picture turned out great! See you next month, when I will tell you The Best App for That!