NFL Updates November Edition



Omar Ashraf, Sports Writer

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  NFL Updates November Edition
The NFL is as exciting as ever.Above is featured the NFL logo which contains 4 stars for each division.

The month of November featured many amazing games which included the Rams and the Chiefs ultimate showdown where the final score was 54-51.ANother big which happened in October was Drew Brees took over Peyton Manning as the all-time leader in career passing yards.Watching football becomes more fun by each game that passes.Some teams have really stepped up their game while others have gone drastically down to a depressing defeat.



Winners and Losers of November


Now let’s jump to our winners and losers of October and November


NFC Winner:New Orleans Saints

Journal & Courier
Drew Brees getting emotional after breaking the All-time record for most passing yards.Brees has truly shown that he deserves to be the best quarterback to play the


With a record-setting quarterback and a running back who is ahead of the MVP race, the 10-2 Saints are looking forward to their second super bowl victory. The New Orlean Saints Quarterback Drew Brees has been on fire from the beginning of the season passing 3262 yards and breaking records like Peyton Manning’s record of most career passing yards with an unbelievable 62-yard touchdown. With their defensive superstars led by Marshon Lattimore  and Cameron Jordan, the Saints have put their hand up and they are reaching for the championship.


AFC Winner:Los Angeles Chargers

The New York Times
Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen dives to score a touchdown at the Steelers stadium Heinz Field. Allen is a wonderful player who has achieved one o the highest ranks as an NFL wide receiver.

Coming off a clutch win against the Pittsburgh Steelers helped the Chargers boost their record to 9-3. The Chargers have a 7-time Pro-Bowl Quarterback Philip Rivers who is one of the most profound quarterbacks who has ever played the game of Football. Adding the speedy running back Melvin Gordon makes it near to impossible to beat. Having a position rank 10 defense is also a key to their success making them a good candidate a good candidate for the victory of Super Bowl LII.

NFC Loser: Detroit Lions

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford upset after he throws a pick-6 to cost his team the game. Stafford is a pretty good quarterback but has not been showing enough this season.

Coming off of a 2 game losing streak the hopes are nothing but dreams that cannot come true for the 4-8 lions to make it to the playoffs. A few of the many reasons why the last seeded Lions are in the position that they are in right now include, Matthew Stafford not putting forth his best game, the Lions are playing lazy defense, and just to make matters worse they have a tough schedule. The Lions with the amazing line-up that they have could not just get it together and now are facing consequences which mean they cannot make it to the playoffs.



AFC Loser: Broncos

With the clumsy Case Keenum at starting quarterback is not going well for the Denver Broncos. Going into week 14 with a 6-6 record means the Broncos have a slim chance at making the Wild Card. The rookie running back Phillip Lindsey and the Broncos great offensive line shows some for the Broncos. On the other hand, the defense just does not give fans the good vibes and hope to make it all the way to the big game.
Denver Broncos quarterback Case Keenum get questioned on how his game was after a recent loss to the Houston Texans. Keenum has been getting pressed by the media ever since last years NFC championship game.

Best Fantasy Player Per Position:

QB: Patrick Mahomes

RB: Todd Gurley II

WR: Adam Thielen

TE: Travis Kelce

DEF/ST: Chicago