FACS goes to war once more for the fifth annual cupcake wars

Emily Hughes, Sarah Perry, and Eva Lanham

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The holidays are a festive and fun time when families come together to enjoy each others company. Some families sing silly songs, others may swap stories by the fire. No matter what holidays you celebrate, you probably cook or bake. Our FACS family is no different. They are continuing their 5- year- old tradition of Cupcake Wars. Cupcake Wars is an annual competition where groups of 5 and under, went head to head to try to make the best cupcakes. It was a 4-day project, two days of planning and two days of baking. 

Laura Lanham
Eva Lanham,
Nirmi Chakaborty, Ina Peev, and
Eirini Syrtarioti are getting ready to present their cupcakes to their judges. They had also made an advertisement showing a couple of facts about their business, as shown in the picture.

  During the first day of the project, everyone had to find a recipe. Many agreed that finding the recipe is the most important part of the project. “I think that choosing the recipe pretty much sets the tone for the whole project,” said seventh-grader Ava Jacobson.

   By the second day, everyone was working on their business details and advertising. Many groups choose a certain theme. Some of the themes were Eminem, the North Pole, soccer, and one group even based there’s on a cow. You needed to make a business card, and an advertisement on google slide with details such as a quick description about the business, some of their signature flavors, hours open, address, and a phone number. These would be presented to the judges on judging day. 

Victoria Din
These are Gingerbread cookies decorated to look like reindeer. Many groups decided to make holiday-themed cupcakes.

  The third day was finally, Baking Day! Everyone was ready to test their recipes and hopefully eat some delicious cake in the in the end. There is a different job for everyone in the group. The chef has to mix all the ingredients together. The sous chef has to get ingredients and help out when necessary. The others were in charge of cleaning up and they were encouraged to help out however they could. “The baking was fun but also super stressful,” said seventh-grader Ina Peeve.

    The last day was decorating and judging day. Students rushed to decorate their cupcakes and clean up before the judges arrived. Once the judges got there you presented, then they came around and tried their cupcakes. The judges recorded what they thought of the cupcakes and judged on a five-point scale. Last but certainly not least,  the team with the most points won and first through third place were awarded prizes including spinning chairs for a day, a 25 point add for a summarize, and candy canes. 

Laura Lanham
These fantastic looking and tasting cupcakes are vanilla with whip cream inside. All the judges thoroughly enjoyed these cupcakes.

   Overall, it was a fun time and a great way to kick off the holiday season. Even the ones who lost enjoyed themselves to some extent. All the students made spectacular cupcakes. If you have Tech ed you have a lot to look forward too!