In My Own Style: Homemade Snow Globes

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In My Own Style: Homemade Snow Globes

Jamie Smalls

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In My Own Style: Homemade Snow Globe





Homemade snow globes are a cool gift to give during the holidays. They could also be used as decoration anywhere in your house. This only takes three simple steps. This is a chance to get rid of all the jars for a fun and easy craft.



  • Small glass jar
  • Plastic figurine
  • Glycerin (optional)
  • Glitter
  • Water
  • Glue


All you have to do to make this incredibly fun craft is to first find a jar that is empty and available to use. Then find a toy or a figurine of your choice to hot glue onto the lid. Once you have figured that out what you want to hot glue to the item onto the inside of the lid of the jar. Next, you would want to fill up the jar with water. After adding glycerin to the water. Adding the glycerin is optional it just helps make the glitter in the water stay floating longer. To have a good amount of glitter you would add ½ teaspoons of glitter. Screw the lid onto the bottle tightly to make sure if you shake it nothing comes out. If you are worried that somebody might get ahold of it you could hot glue the lid so nobody is able to take it off and spill something. After that, you should have a custom homemade snow globe!


I thought that this was a fantastic craft that was able to make because it was just so cool and fun to play with afterward. You could make this as a present for anybody that you would like or you could put in your room or anywhere in your house as a Christmas decoration. Have fun with your new festive snow globe!