Jim Croce

Jim Croce was a musician in the 1960s and the 1970s.

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Jim Croce was a musician in the 1960s and the 1970s.

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Before their time is something I might say a lot, but this time is different. This time, I really mean it. Jim Croce was truly an exceptional musician. I  remember growing up listening to his songs. It was because of him that I like the music I do. Jim Croce was most certainly before his time. I believe that his methodically planned out lyrics would better impact our generation than his. While yes, his music did have an impact in the 60s,  I think it would have been refreshing to be able to listen to his music on more than the radio. I implore you to listen to his music if you enjoy music that has it all.it can be soulful and upbeat, but it can also be very sorrowful. Jim’s music at times can be long winded but it’s also delightfully rustic.

Jim Croce was born on January 10th in South Philadelphia. Jim has musically inclined his entire life. By age five he was already playing the accordion. As an early adult, he entirely taught himself how to play guitar. Jim Croce mainly focused on folk music. He met his wife, Ingrid Jacobson at a folk music party. Jim had a son named James Joseph Croce. Unfortunately, he died on September 20th, 1973.

Dying at the young age of 30 didn’t stop him from creating breathtaking music. Jim Croce died in a plane crash in Natchitoches Regional Airport in California. When the plane took off it didn’t get any altitude and it crashes in the runway.  This news shocked me because even though he died so young, he was still able to make so many hits. He was still able to touch so many lives in the little time he was famous.

If you are into soulful, folk rock music then do I have the musician for you! In seven years, he was able to make five studio albums and songs. Jim Croce is incredibly talented and I implore you to try something new.