In My Own Style: How to make layered sand jars

Emily Hughes

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Layered colored sand in a jar is an enjoyable craft that you can create into a beautiful craft that you like to do. You can decorate your jar any ways that you want. This is your chance to be as creative as you want. To start you could have any type of jars like a baby food jar or a mason jar. You can even have a differently shaped jar like a flower or even a Sun. You just have to make sure that the jars are clean before you use them. You will also need some plastic or paper cups to fill them with sand or salt. You would also need powdered tempera paint and plastic spoons. To sink the sand into wherever you want it to be you would need popsicle sticks or toothpicks. For decoration, you can add some stickers or feathers and add some yarn so you will be able to hang it somewhere. Preferably some colored yarn to make it look even better.

Colorful sand in a jar is a fun way to have fun while doing what you enjoy.

What you would do first is fill a cup up with ⅔ of sand or salt. After you fill up the cup you would add some powdered tempera paint. Some people think that is may be easier to add food coloring instead of paint. To add the food coloring you would have to get a jar and a lid that goes with the jars, or a Ziploc bag for each color. Add sand to it and a couple of drops of food coloring. Close it tightly and shake until the food coloring colors all the sand. You have to let the sand dry all night and then use it as it is said above.

If you are planning to use tempera paint use plastic spoons to mix the paint into the sand. You could mix different colors of powder for a variety of additional colors. Pour the colored sand into the jars to make layers. Once you are finished putting the sand into the jar using the sticks to create a design in the sand. Put the cap on and make sure it is secure. If you would like you could put a sticker on the lid of the jar or glue some colorful feathers onto the top. You could also tie colorful yarn around the outside edge of the lid. After you add whatever you want to the finished piece. And after you should have a wonderful jar filled with colorful sand. Enjoy!