Offbeat and Inspired: How to make scrunchies

Emily Hughes

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Right now scrunchies are very trendy and many people give them to others as presents or just get them for themselves, but since they are a popular item, they have become expensive. Since they became a bit pricey people have been starting to make their own, It’s a great and hard DIY to make!

What you will need:

  1. A hair tie
  2. Fabric
  3. Tread                                                                    
  4. A Needle
  5. Scissors
  6. A jar/any round object    

    This is everything you need for this DIY! It’s a fun and good project to do, but it’s also very hard.

As usual, your going to lay out everything you’ll need. And then you are going to take the fabric fold it in half and then just do a running stitch at the top of your fabric, when you are done with that you make a knot at the end of the stitch. But don’t worry not many people aren’t good at tying off. But if you are really struggling with it you can look up how to do it on YouTube. In my opinion that was the easiest thing that you do in this project. Once you have done that you wrap the fabric around your jar make sure that the side that you want showing is against the jar and the side you don’t want showing is facing out. Then you take your hair tie and put it on top of the fabric, that sounds a bit confusing. The next step you do is put the pins around the fabric so that it holds the fabric in place, that also sounds complicated but you’ll get the hang of it. This step is the start of the scrunchie, where you put it all together. This may be a bit difficult but not too hard 🙂 The whole project is a kinda hard, so if you’re not very good at crafts… not saying that I’m super good. It may not be the best project for you. Ok after you’ve done that you take the soon to be scrunchie off the jar. For me that was hard, you’re going to hear that a lot. It was hard because some of the pins would fall out, but if this happens to you then you just put the pins back in place.

Emily Hughes
You’re going to put the pin in the fabric to hold the two sides together, I found this hard because the pins would keep coming out. But you just have to put them back in place or just add more pins.

Later after you take the scrunchie…well soon to be, you start doing a running stitch again, around the top part of the fabric.

This step took FOREVER to finish but this is Definitely the most important step. You have to stay very patient, I promise once you finish this step you feel so happy.

Don’t get too excited because this step is very frustrating. So… if you don’t care that the stitches are showing, then you can just tie it off and you have your scrunchie! but if you do care, as I did then keep reading. You keep doing this until you only have a little fabric left, leave about an inch or so left of the fabric. Great! I’m impressed you’ve gotten this far without giving up, that was the toughest part of the DIY. Even I wanted to just give up and do another DIY or just leave the stitches showing. But thankfully I didn’t, Ok enough with my thoughts, once you’ve done that you just cut a little part of the fabric. BUT make sure you don’t cut your hair tie because that would just stink and you would have to make the project all over again. Finally the last part of the craft you just have to flip the fabric the side you want to show. This part is hard to stay patient for because you just want the scrunchie to be made, but stay patient and you will be done in no time! Now to the last step, all you have to do is do a running stitch on the two sides, to connect them together. That is the end of the DIY! You are all done and now you have your very own scrunchie!

Emily Hughes
Now you are all done and you made your very own scrunchie. You should feel very happy about yourself, cause that certainly was a very hard DIY to make!