William’s Low-Budget Cardboard Crafts: AirPods

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William’s Low-Budget Cardboard Crafts: AirPods

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Hello, everyone! I’m back with another cardboard craft. Everybody’s walking around with airpods these days, so why not create some of our own! Now, don’t go hitting the local Best Buy just yet, because all we need is a Q-tip. Yep, just one Q-tip. First, cut it in half, then bend it in half without breaking them. Now put the soft part in your ears, and there you go! Homemade AirPods! Wait… You’re not satisfied? Well, I’m glad I was prepared! Time to make a case!

If you have AirPods, make the holes a little bigger, so you can fit them in.

If you have regular AirPods, keep reading, because you just need to slightly modify something very soon. This whole thing is surprisingly simple. You’ll have to start out with these kinds of pieces. One of the rectangles should have two holes in it. You will need to glue the cardboard together to make a rectangular prism. Then, there should be two sides open. Measure out the dimensions of the side pieces and finish the rectangular prism. Now we shake things up a little bit
Create a rectangular prism with one open-ended side.





The open-ended side should be the bottom. It should look a little like this:








The home-stretch is fairly simple: we need some tape to create the joint, and add our “airpods.” Apply tape on the back and on the inside to create the joint.

Now we insert the AirPods! Our side without the fluff will go in the holes inside.




I hope you enjoyed this short craft here. The rest is up to you! Feel free to decorate and paint it to your heart’s content! Happy flexing, everyone!