The Importance of the PTA

This is the Trailside middle school PTA logo. The PTA does so much for us, We don't know what we would do without them.

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This is the Trailside middle school PTA logo. The PTA does so much for us, We don't know what we would do without them.

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Many of us know about the school plays and dances but do you who is in charge of making them happen? The PTA is in charge of those events, the PTA is a group of teachers and parents. They run most of the events that take place in school and out of school. The PTA discuss matters that affect students, they also organize events to raise money for our school.

Josh Porter
The musical is one of the favorite events that the PTA does for the school. There are many performers and many come to watch the show. This year they are performing the Little Mermaid. Many are planning on going to see it.

“We plan Spirit Nights, grade level dances, teacher appreciation meals, and Smile Squad,” said Jennifer Andos, the president of the PTA,“[We also plan] the student and staff volleyball game, the reflections program, musical and the grade level dances”

A group of 7th-grade girls stated that they look forward to the dances. “My favorite thing about the 7th-grade dance was definitely the photo booth and the food.” Said 7th grader Sarah Perry. “I loved the candy” She later added. Most of the 7th graders were too scared to dance so they just talked to their friends. “My overall favorite thing about the dance was being able to hang out with my friends outside of class,” 7th grader Eva Lanham Stated.

Sarah Perry
Posters were hung up all over the school for the 7th-grade dance. Many 7th graders attended the dance and had a great time!

The Spirit Nights are even more preferred than dances, a favorite is the Ashburn Ice-house. It was so popular that even High schoolers attended. Many students had a great time skating with their friends listening to the most hit songs. Another thing that students enjoy is the Jersey Mike’s spirit night, they liked that most of their favorite teachers go.  

Do you ever think of how The PTA knows what we like and what we don’t like? The PTA finds out by talking to our counselors and deans. They also use surveys that students take. The surveys consist of questions about what events students would like to do. “We work with the grade levels dean and counselors to determine what type of events we will do. We do like the idea of putting out a survey!,” Said Jennifer Ando the president of the PTA.   

“Without the PTA we wouldn’t be provided with half the stuff Trailside has today,” said former PTA member and technology assistant, Ed Bailey. “The overall experience was really good. I focused on the technical side rather than the creating events.”

If you see one of the PTA members in the building, be sure to give them a smile and say thank you. The PTA does a lot more then what we listed.