A time to celebrate women

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All the people in the world have been impacted by women, everyone has had one for a teacher or a friend, they’ve been supported and aided by a woman. They’re an important part of what makes the world work, but in the past and even now they haven’t had the equality they deserve. That’s the main reason international women’s day was created and is now celebrated in many diverse ways on March 8th.


Here at Trailside Middle School, there were compass lessons from Monday, March 4th, to Friday, March 8th. These lessons were organized by students in the Girl Up Club, which is meant to unite women and men to work towards the goal of improving women’s lives. One of our Assistant Principals here at Trailside Middle School stated, “I like that the kids in the Girls Up club were the ones who made the compass lessons.” Overall the lessons were based on learning about the disadvantages that women have to go through. For example, students learned that only 4.8% of CEOs are women. These were received well, Ms. Scheib, a librarian, said, “The films they showed were really good and educating.” It’s important that students understand the wrongs in the world so that they can help to make them right. After going through and reviewing what students learned they played a competitive Kahoot and the top ten kids in the whole entire school would get to enjoy a doughnut. In addition to that Trailside also held a women’s day luncheon on the day of. Students were encouraged to invite an important woman in their life to have lunch with them. The school is doing it’s best to help promote equality not just during women’s day but throughout the year. “I like it because when I think about women in history for so many years they have not been equal to men so we get to focus on the amazing things they do,” said Mrs.O’Connell while talking about the compass lessons.

This picture compares the amount of time men and women spent on unpaid work in different areas in the world. As you can see women always spent more time in these unpaid activities.

Not everyone celebrates the same way we did, it is a worldwide holiday. A lot of traditions that are observed across the globe are largely based on giving gifts. According to italylogue.com in Italy people celebrate by giving women mimosa blossoms. In addition, parties are also held often. Throughout most countries, there are marches organized in support of this event, usually pushing for equality since that is a part of this day. Social media is also a big way people have chosen to celebrate this day. People across the planet have taken to sites such as Instagram and Twitter where they post in support of the day. Even teachers have done this, “I posted a picture of my daughters with the caption #BalanceforBetter,” stated Ms. O’connell. #BalanceForBetter was the theme for women’s day this year. It’s important that women are properly celebrated and people have done a good job of creating diverse ways to do just that.

Featured here is many people gathering together to march for women’s rights. This is one of the many ways people celebrate women’s day.

The Socialist Party of the United States of America arranged a day for women on February 28th, 1909 in New York. About two years later, in the 1910 International Socialist Women’s conference, someone suggested that Women’s day become annually celebrated but no date was decided. A year later the members of the conference decided international women’s day should be celebrated on March 19th. Our Librarian Ms. Scheib stated, “I think it is a great idea that we take the time to celebrate what women do and their contribution to the world.”

In 1917 women in Russia again protested for “Bread and Peace” on the last Sunday of February on their calendar, which was March 8th on the Gregorian calendar. In 1975 the United Nations decided to change the date to that day because of the event, and the date has stayed the same ever since. The preceding information was pulled from


Al Jazeera
Women are out protesting for equal rights. In America there are many protests for women’s rights.

Women are important to our society and how we survive. It’s important we properly celebrate what they have done and what they continue to do. The past has been hard but Women’s day has helped the fight. It has made great strides in the road towards true equality and it will continue to help the movement.