March Brings an Exciting ‘Swish’

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March Brings an Exciting ‘Swish’

Josh Porter, Gabby Flamish, and Liam Dunston

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Like many years before, people around the U.S fill up their tournament brackets, watch exciting games of college basketball, and even gamble on their bracket scores. March Madness truly brings madness to many people, especially college basketball fans. Even better, those who are not exactly hyped for the basketball tournament still seem to enjoy March Madness, tournament brackets and all.

March Madness comes around and sparks new “fires” between students. Whether it’s disagreeing on seed selection or just team rivalry, students here at TMS have many opinions on who they believe will perform well during this year’s March Madness. An example of this comes from eighth-grader Katherine Mckinley. “I know UVA didn’t do well last year but I feel like they might win this year,” she said. Mckinley has watched past games of March Madness, as she compared the seeds of the college teams from this year to the previous year.

Above is an example of the NCAA basketball bracket, which shows the timeline of the tournament at the top.

During March Madness, college teams from around the country compete in a sixty-eight team single elimination basketball tournament. Each team is given a seed, meaning that the teams are ranked from one to sixteen in each region. The March Madness bracket contains four regions, each with sixteen teams. It may be confusing to comprehend, considering that there are sixty-eight teams in the tournament, while there are only sixteen teams of each region. This is because, on March 19 and 20th, four more college teams will face off to determine the final entrants of the March Madness tourney.

Taking place in Dayton, Ohio, teams NC Central, North Dakota State, Belmont, Temple, FDU, PV A&M, Arizona State, and St. John’s will play on the channel of TruTV. This, however, was an unusual choice by officials, as TruTV is a comedy based channel and not a sports-based channel such as ESPN or NBC. TruTV hosts shows such as Impractical Jokers and The Carbonaro Effect, which are mainly reality-comedies. Though, for whatever reason, the March Madness “First Four” games will be showed on TruTV on the 19th.

The channel is no matter, though, because students, as well as teachers at Trailside, are very excited for the games to finally commence. An example of this comes from Eighth Grade Secretary Mrs. Garrity, who is a fan of many college teams. “I went to a couple of different colleges, so I root for Notre Dame, Ohio State University; our family is from Syracuse, so I like Syracuse,” said Garrity. The Secretary has also watched March Madness in the past and believes her team will “make a big showing” this year.

Students of Trailside, on the other hand, have their own perspectives on the big tournament. Jackson Moore, a seventh grader, takes his own path in the team he cheers for. Moore most likely has his reasons, but he roots for Duke. My dad and the rest of my family are Hokie fans, so they like Virginia Tech. I’m like the only Duke fan in my family.” he said, favoring the recent outstanding highlights from Duke games that feature Zion Williamson and R.J. Barret.

Duke’s Zion Williamson will surely be on the watch by scouts, coaches and all as he participates in March Madness as ‘the projected first pick of the NBA’ next season.

Trailside students have many different opinions on who will take home the trophy this year. But as a whole, Trailside students appreciate the competitiveness of the teams, as well as each other. Overall, March Madness is a time of competitive spirit and enjoyable times.