Red Dead Redemption 2 exceeds expectations

Liam Dunston, Video Game Reviewer

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is a fantastic game, and for the first time, a game that has held back for around a year was worth the wait. This game is unlike the first, it follows the character Arthur Morgan instead of John Marston, as in Red Dead Redemption 1.  This game has a huge open world with an amazing story, outstanding graphics, profound character development, even better fighting.   


The Fighting

You could compare the fighting to something like making a sandwich or a taco. You can add meats, cheese, vegetables, salsa, and spices and still have it taste like a miracle. But this is all up to you, you are the chef in your own kitchen in this game. With Red Dead Redemption 2 you have anything you want and more and once you get into the game you have almost anything, for example, you have (try to read this fast) guns, fist fighting, stealth, lassoing, dynamite, fire, throwables, you can kill people on a horse and you can kill people with a horse. But every fight your supplier says – here I will give you any ingredients you want to cook this any way you want. With this comes a problem, if you had all of your favorite ingredients and more you would only use your favorite ingredients and that gets old. A couple of problems I found is when you try to do something different your guide and leader of your gang Dutch will yell at you and tell you to go plant this dynamite in a specific place and set it off at an exact time while shoving the dynamite into your face. Also, everything is far too readily available, they should probably limit bullets or weapons you can find. Comparing this game to something like Zelda breath of the wild, Zelda gives you fewer options but, you could make something you have never had before creating a new recipe and you love it. Overall what i think about the fighting is it just gets old sometimes.   



Red dead redemption 2 provides substantially deeper storyline and character development than any game I’ve played.  The main character is Arthur Morgan, born in 1863, his mother died when he was very young and his father was involved in minor crimes.  When Arthur was 11 years old, his father is put in jail, at some point after that, his father was killed and Arthur witnessed it, taking his fatherś hat as his own. Set in a fictional New Hanover and the adjacent states, there is every climate to experience.  In this game, it feels like the characters have real problems and real emotions. Examples of this are when a characterś son gets kidnapped, a wife leaves a husband, and trying to rebuild a life. There are too many storylines to go in to, but they all feel real.