Gabby’s Crunchy Club: Pots of Gold

The classic leprechaun with a rainbow and pot of gold. My inspiration for this months treat!

The classic leprechaun with a rainbow and pot of gold. My inspiration for this months treat!

Gabby Flamish, Student Life Writer

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Hey Guys! Welcome back to this months edition of Gabby’s Crunchy Club! I wanted to wish you a happy Saint Patrick’s day, and this month’s treat will be based on this holiday. I have decided to do something a little different as I have come up with a recipe myself and I will admit it was some trial and error in the beginning but the end product was completely worth it! ( I am not saying that this treat has never been made before, I just decided to make up my own recipe for the sweet.)


Every rainbow has a “pot of gold” at its end and this treat is based on this idea! This month’s sweet treat is a pot of gold! By pot of gold, I mean delicious chocolate covered pretzels with a little bit of rainbow. Here are the ingredients:


  1. Pretzels (does not matter which brand)
  2. Hershey’s Chocolate ( I found this type of chocolate worked best, especially when it came to melting and drying on the pretzel and not falling off the snack)
  3. A type of yellow sprinkles
  4. A type of candy that resembles a rainbow ( I used airhead extreme rope, it was one of the only things I could find)



  1. Wash hands
  2. Prepare a pan with wax paper and pretzels laid out, about 2-3 inches apart
  3. Melt chocolate in a pot on the stove until chunks are gone
  4. Carefully pour the chocolate over each pretzel, the pot will be hot so use oven mitts
  5. Take yellow sprinkles and lightly drizzle them over the top portion of the pretzel to resemble the “gold” in the “pot”
  6. Add candy rope where you think is best, get creative on where you want to put it


Overall this project was super fun to complete and I would totally recommend. This may sound somewhat bias as this is my recipe but I made sure the recipe was extremely simple and the ingredients were already something you might have around your house.


The taste of the Pretzel was overall very delicious and the balance of sweet and salty was perfect. The “rainbow” had nothing to do with the main part of the treat but I thought it was a fun extra as every pot of gold needs a rainbow! Thank you all so much for tuning into this month’s edition Gabby’s Crunchy Club, and I hope I catch you next time!