The Best App for That: TV show/movie streaming apps

This image represents the icons of both apps. I think that you should download both.

This image represents the icons of both apps. I think that you should download both.

Emory Ellis

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Welcome to The Best App for That, where I review smartphone apps. Each month I compare two apps and tell you which one is better, and which one to leave in the app store. This month I reviewed two TV/ movie streaming apps: Netflix and Hulu. Netflix has been around for a very long time (1997) while Hulu is a little newer (2007). Though Netflix is more popular, both have their pros and cons. I have used both of these apps for a while, so here is a comparison.


First, let’s talk about Netflix. Netflix requires a monthly payment for subscription. Netflix allows you to have individual accounts under one membership, which is very helpful for families like mine. Netflix has a selection of movies, TV shows, and Netflix originals. I think that Netflix has some very enjoyable original series and films. The price for Netflix is relatively inexpensive, which is very convenient for users. Although users can each have their own individual accounts, only three people can be streaming at a time. This tends to be frustrating for me because there are six people under my membership. Also, I think that Netflix has limited TV show options, compared to other apps.

This is what the inner parts of Netflix look like. I think that Netflix has great original films.

Next is Hulu.  Hulu also has a monthly payment but is inexpensive like Netflix. Unlike Hulu, under one membership, every person watches on the same account. Hulu also has a selection of movies, TV shows, and original movies and series. I think Netflix wins when it comes to original films because Hulu’s just aren’t as good. However, Hulu has a very broad selection of TV shows, even having discontinued network shows. It doesn’t matter the number of people watching at a time, which is a very nice feature. Overall, Hulu has a very great selection of TV shows and movies, but not as good original films as Netflix.


In conclusion, I really don’t think one app is better. I think that Netflix has better original films, and Hulu has a much broader selection, but I think they are both very great apps to download. See you next month, where I will tell you The Best App For That.