5th Annual 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament

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For the past five years, Trailside Middle School has hosted a 3v3 basketball tournament. It has been very exciting for Trailside students and staff. After three days of teams competing for a spot in the finals, there were only 4 teams remaining for each grade level. The staff has won every year except when they lost to eighth grade two years ago.

Since Trailside opened, the Physical Education department has hosted a 3 versus 3 tournament. Every student who wanted to play must join/create a team with 3-6 people on it. After they have joined a team and paid a fee of $5, they would come to school early on either March 20th, March 21st, or March 22nd. Then the students on one team would play against the other teams that have been formed, and they would keep on playing until there are four teams left. The tournament starts with 2 semi-finals games. The winner of the semi-finals went on to the championship game, while the losers of the semi-finals went to a 3rd place game to determine who is 3rd and 4th place. The winner of the championship will be crowned the grade levels champion. Next both teams who played in the championship game will team up and play against a team of teachers. “I thought, for the most part, they were all really, really well. We had some close games, close calls. But I liked and enjoyed the basketball tournament this year,” physical education teacher Amanda Arbogast said.

The assembly started with 4 teams of 6th graders big and small, short and tall, and determined to win and play against the teachers. The games started out slowly, but there was a lot of excitement in the gym. After the intense semi-final games, the teams congratulated each other and the winning teams prepared for the championship game. During the championship game, there was a lot of excitement in the air with the constant yelling from kids in the crowd and the players on the court. After the winning team was crowned by the teachers the two finalists teamed up and played against the teachers. It was a slow game at the beginning with the halftime score being a lopsided 23-9. But the second half started with a comeback by the 6th graders but in the end, the teachers pulled through and won 38-27. “The games were pretty cool. I had a lot of friends who played in the tournament,” seventh-grader Bibek Kharel said.

Patrick Devine
6th-grader Brendan Devine gets ready to take a shot while being guarded by Shane Crissman.

The seventh-grade assembly started off with the Spartans playing Filayyyy in the first semi-finals matchup. In the second semi-finals game, Jelly Fam played team No Name. The first game ended up coming closer than expected, but Filayyyy ended up winning by one point, the final score being 5-4. In the second semi-finals game, Jelly Fam dominated over team No Name, and the final score was 9-6. In the championship game, Filayyyy overcame Jelly Fam in overtime, the final score being 5-4. After Filayyy was crowned as the 7th Grade champion, players from Jelly Fam and Filayyyy played against the staff in a very intense game. By half time, the score was 18-13, the students barely beating the staff. By the end of the intense match up, the students ended up beating the teachers with a final score of 35-30. “The games were really fun to go to,” seventh-grader Gabby Flamish said. “I was going to participate in the games until one of my players got sick so she couldn’t play, but I 100% want to play next year.”

Abigail Baltich
During the basketball tournament, Tim Sommer of Jelly Fam is being guarded by Griffin Stein of Filayyy. During the final seconds of the semifinals, in the end, Filayyy turned up winning by 1 in overtime.

Finally, the eighth-grade assembly started off with the two semi-final games which were very fast paced and there was almost no defense played at all. After the semi-finals, there was the championship game. In the championship game, it was an intense game all the way through but at the end of the game, a winning team was crowned. And as the crowd cheered the winning team held up the championship game. But during the teachers game the students dominated from the start but later in the 1st half the teachers had a 6-0 run to make the score 15-13 at half time. In the second half, it was very close but the students ended the game on a 4-0 scoring run to win the game 36-31. “The games were pretty cool. Some games were really exciting and fast-paced while others were slow and mostly shooting games,” said seventh-grader Asher Clark.

Patrick Devine
8th grader Torben Hart sets up the offense and gets ready to make a play against the teachers. But in the end, the students ended up winning by 5 points by a score of 36-31.

Overall, the basketball games this year were very entertaining, exciting, and watched with lots of enthusiasm. The 6th-grade student lost, however 7th and 8th-grade students were able to win there games against the staff. Which was pretty surprising since they’ve only been able to pull off a win once before in Trailside Middle School history.