In My Own Style: String Easter Eggs

Jamie Smalls

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Making decorations for Easter gives your house a nice touch just in time for the holiday. For this fun craft, you will need balloons, embroidery thread, white glue, and waxed paper. Small balloons work best to get small eggs. You will need waxed paper to protect the work area and to dry the balloons on.

To start this you will need a bowl filled with glue mixed with water to thin out the glue. If you want to make more than one or two you are going to need to dump the entire bottle of glue inside the bowl. As you add the water stir until it is mixed well.

Jamie Smalls

Place the entire piece of string into the glue until it is completely covered. When that is finished begin to blow the balloons up. Make sure you blow up as many balloons as you possibly need, but not too much or your hands might be covered in glue. Then wrap your string around the balloon. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to wrap so just do it however you like.

Once the string is completely wrapped around set it down on waxed paper It may take several hours. If you want to really make sure that it is dry you might have to leave it out overnight. When the string is completely dry use a sewing needle to scrape off any excess glue if needed.

When you finished that you now have your own string easter eggs. If you want to hang them somewhere you could wrap some leftover string of any color and tie it to the egg shape. Tie it to something that you know will stay in place and won’t fall.